Monday, March 4, 2019

It's honestly hard for me to write this.

Not because I'm unsure of my decision but because it's a decision that I didn't think I'd be making for years, if ever. When I first joined the book blogging world my life was in a hard transitional period. My husband and I were going through a tough time financially, were living in his friend's parent's basement, and were recovering from the devastation of an ectopic pregnancy after attempting to get pregnant for over a year. That time in my life was one of pain, insecurity, and unknowing. We didn't know what we were going to do next, what step we were going to take, and I found myself struggling deeply with my anxiety and depression. It was at this time that I discovered the book blogging world and it brought such a light to my life. I've always been a huge reader and I always wanted to do more with the books that I read. I've always wanted to be an author but, in the meantime, I wanted to be a part of it in a different way. I wanted to read books and help authors and spread the word on amazing stories.

From that day forward, I have thrown myself into blogging about books and making it a huge part of my life. There's been ups and downs over the years, moments of inconsistency and a lot of changes to my content. But I always made it a priority.

Almost eight years later, I've come to a standstill.

I've recently dedicated myself to fixing myself, working on my anxiety, changing parts of my life that no longer align with my goals and the things that are no longer a part of my dream. I'm working on my faith, working towards becoming a better mom, a better wife, a better person in general. I'm working on me and the things that I want my life to have.

Unfortunately, book blogging is no longer at the top of that priority list.

My life was in a transition point when I first started blogging and now I find myself myself in a similar - yet strongly different - situation. I am changing and evolving and growing as a person and my life is starting to align with that. My anxiety is heightened by clutter (both physical and mental) and stress. I'm a mom of two, I homeschool my five year old, I babysit for a family that we love, I'm journeying down the path of minimalism, all while working towards my goal of publishing my first book.

Although I love spreading the word about great books and helping out authors, I no longer enjoy the act of blogging. It's become more of a burden instead of a pleasure and there are other, more precious and important ways in which my time could be better spent.

I'm ready to tackle my own goals and dreams and put my energy into my family, my life, and my own writing career. I will still be sharing on the Rainy Days and Pajamas Facebook page and sharing my thoughts on books that I read but I will no longer make reading such a job. Reviews that I have promised will still be posted, ARCs will still be read, but this blog, until further notice, will officially be on hiatus. When it will become active again, I'm honestly not sure. It honestly may never be active again. This may be it, guys.

It's been a great run but here's to the future!
I hope to see you again soon - holding my own book in my hands.
If you've read this far, I give you a big high five and you're freakin' awesome.

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Peace out, guys.

- Darcus.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Review: Right Where I Want You by Jessica Hawkins

Right Where I Want You
Cover Source:
Title: Right Where I Want You
Author: Jessica Hawkins
Version Reviewed: ARC, eBook
I received this book for free, via the author, in exchange for an honest review.

GoodReads Synopsis:
There’s a thin line between love and hate . . . and it cuts right through the middle of their office.

Bad boys? They run right over good girls like Georgina Keller. But after a confidence-shattering breakup, she’s determined not to let anyone at her new workplace push her around—least of all the brooding creative director, a “bad boy of publishing” who’s made it clear she’s enemy #1.
Sebastian Quinn's taste for fast cars, late nights, and beautiful women may have gotten him to the top of a leading New York magazine, but the reputation that made him is suddenly threatening to end his career.
Georgina can help Modern Man shed its bad reputation, but in order to do that, she’ll have to start at the top—and no amount of rakish charm or inconvenient attraction will distract her.
Because if Sebastian gets her right where he wants her, it means she’s going down.

I get excited anytime that Jessica Hawkins releases a new book and this was definitely no exception. After reading Slip of the Tongue, she became an insta-buy author for me and I devour her stories like I haven't read in years.

Sebastian and Georgina's story is a trope that's been done many times before. Office romance, enemies-to-lovers, but Jessica's Hawkins puts her own beautiful spin on a genre that isn't really new and makes it fresh and exciting to read again.

I really enjoyed the dynamic that the characters had. They had tough exteriors and were layers deep in the roles they played in their personal and professional lives. Sebastian wasn't just the rich New York playboy that he seemed and Georgina, though strong and independent, had her own personality struggles and past issues that she needed to work through. Sebastian had great history to his character as well and it was easy to fall in love with both of them and their journey.

I loved everything about this book. The beginning, the end, and every Dunkin' Donuts coffee, loveable pooch, BDE, and steamy moment that made up the middle. If you enjoy enemies to lovers, office romance, Jessica Hawkins, or general contemporary romance, I highly suggest you give Right Where I Want You a try!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

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