Friday, April 4, 2014

Cover Reveal: Soul Deep by Rose Morgan

Soul Deep by Rose Morgan Cover Reveal!!!
Who the heck is Rose Morgan anyway?
Rose is actually M.R. Polish! 
Writing as Rose Morgan has been an amazing journey, and one that I won't ever forget. The choice to write as Rose and write Christian Fiction has made me a better person and writer. While I (M.R. Polish) am not going anywhere and will continue to write paranormal and fantasy romance, I am excited to share with you a whole new adventure. On May 20th, 2014 I hope you will want to read Whitney's story in Soul Deep as she discovers forgiveness, love, and life, all after she dies. 
The story is so much more than skin deep, it is in fact Soul Deep.

Following her violent death, Whitney assumed she’d go to Heaven, since good people don’t go to Hell.  Or do they?  Trapped in Spirit Prison and forced to face the man who killed her, Whitney realizes just how far from Heaven she truly is. 

The Dark Ones, intent on having every soul share the darkness with them, gives Whitney an ultimatum that will determine the fate of her loved ones—both alive and dead.  Tempted on all sides and crippled with guilt, she must learn to have faith for a chance at having an eternity in Heaven, or she will forever be lost in an inescapable Hell.

Available May 20th!

Rose Morgan twitter: @_RoseMorgan
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Rose Morgan is taking signups for the first FIFTY people to be ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) readers for Soul Deep!  (You must have an ereader.) Here is your chance to read it before it's even out! Sign up here ---> Click here to sign up for Soul Deep ARC reader and Good Luck!!!!!

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