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Meet The Characters & A Giveaway: All The Right Moves by M.H. Soars

All The Right Moves
M.H. Soars
Publication date: April 23rd 2018
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
A new standalone novel in the world of Love Me, I’m Famous series
A reformed party girl on a mission. A broody, sexy as hell pub owner with a chip on his shoulders. A road trip through Ireland. Zero chances of them falling in love. Yeah, right.
My name is Emma Hart and I like to date, a lot. My friends call me maneater, the men I dump call me slut. The double standard kills me, but relationships are not my thing. They never last, so why bother with the heartache?
When my father suffers a major heart attack and confesses from his hospital bed that he’s terrified of dying and leaving me all alone, I decide to change my ways. There’s only one guy who stands a chance of melting my cold heart, a stranger who saved my life a year ago. I just have to find him.
Help comes from the person I least expect. Rori O’Shea, the sexiest Irishman I’ve ever met (and also the grumpiest), offers to be my guide in Ireland. The catch? I have to be his date at his sister’s wedding. It should be easy enough as long as I don’t fall back into my old ways. Meaning, I have to keep my hands to myself and stay out of his bed.
Never mind that the man is Adonis on Earth.
Never mind that he can make me hot and bothered with one heated glance in my direction.
I can and I will resist him or I’m not called Emma Hart.
(Better start thinking of other names, then).

Author Bio:
USA Today bestselling author M. H. Soars always knew creative arts were her calling but not in a million years did she think she would become a novelist. With a background in fashion design, she thought she would follow that path. But one day, out of the blue, she had an idea for a book. One page turned into ten pages, ten pages turned into a hundred, and before she knew, her first novel, The Prophecy of Arcadia, was born.
M. H. Soars resides in The Netherlands with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on the Love Me, I’m Famous series.
M. H. Soars also writes Sci-Fantasy under the pen name Michelle Hercules.
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Excerpt & Giveaway: Magnetic by Carissa Miller

Carissa Miller
Publication date: September 10th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
When Elle Christiansen’s rebellion leads to her father’s expulsion from a parsonage in small-town Ohio, the forlorn pair is forced to move to Oklahoma to live with an aunt neither of them has ever met. Here she encounters her aunt’s neighbor—Maverick Mason, the quietly confident son of a wealthy oil tycoon who infuriates her as much as he inexplicably draws her in…
Maverick slowly gains Elle’s trust and coaxes her out from the seemingly impenetrable walls of self-protection she erected around her heart when her mother was murdered. He convinces Elle to confide the secrets of her tortured past: that she saw her mother’s murder before it took place, and she was the one who found her, bleeding to death at the end of a lonely dirt road. Together the unlikely pair begins to unlock the secrets of not only Elle’s sordid past, but her mother’s and grandmother’s as well, to uncover decades of greed, corporate corruption, lies, and murder. Quickly, the sobering realization hits: if they do not solve her mother’s murder, Elle will undoubtedly suffer the same fate. As she continues her journey toward truth alongside the boy she is magnetically drawn to in a way both frightening and uncontrollable, Elle finds the road she is most afraid of going down—that one lane dirt road where her mother was murdered—just might be the only place she can truly find redemption.
Magnetic tells of the enduring pain of living with unsolved violent crime. Inspired by debut author Carissa Miller’s true-life events, it’s a haunting account of a young girl’s struggle in the aftermath of shattering loss. With an unraveling love story, puzzling mystery, unexpected twists and turns, and a gripping pace that will keep you turning pages, our heroine takes you on her journey as she learns one of life’s great lessons: facing your fears instead of running from them, is the only way to truly find freedom.

She held my gaze and in her eyes, I saw heartbreak. I wanted to walk over and comfort her, which was unexpected. We shared the same pain, Cordelia and I, and whether I wanted it to or not, the shared connection was forging a bond between the two of us. We both knew the excruciating pain of loving someone more than life itself, then losing them. As much as I wanted to deny what I was feeling for this stranger I had just met, I could deny it no longer.
My body moved of its own volition, walking across the room toward my aunt. I stopped in front of her rocking chair, then silently reached out my hand to her. She dropped her knitting needle and grasped onto it with an obvious desperation. We didn’t look at one another. Perhaps we both knew it would be too much for the other to take. Instead, we stayed there in silence—two women who had suffered the same unbearable loss. We were unified in a similar grief that only we could truly understand. In complete silence, we comforted one another, telling each other in our own unspoken language of pain—you’re not alone.
It was my aunt who broke the silence first. She reached her hand up and stroked my face with affection and I let her.
“You look just like her.” Then she stood and walked out of the room, turning to me before she shut the door behind her. “Go to sleep now, Elle.”
Those were her only words but I heard what was implied—no more questions, Elle, not tonight. She couldn’t handle questions about the sister she had lost; the sister she was never able to say goodbye to; the sister who crawled out of their bedroom window when she was seventeen years old, and never returned home. Although I had thousands of questions I needed to ask, I respected her request and remained silent as she walked out the door.
Our eyes met one last time as she shut the door and in that moment, I saw my mother. I allowed myself to remember instead of pushing the memories away like I usually did. I saw her in the kitchen, her red-and-white checkered apron on, Christmas music blaring and the smell of sugar cookies wafting through the air. I jumped up onto the countertop as she smiled that smile of hers—the one that reached out and touched the depths of your soul and made you feel so happy and full of life; then she took a huge scoop of cookie dough and held it out for me to enjoy as she placed her index finger over her mouth as if to say, “Shhhh…this is our little secret,” as she glanced knowingly at my father in the next room.
The memory ended abruptly and I was back in my aunt’s cottage in Oklahoma. I took a deep breath and remembered one last thing before I stuffed everything back into my little black box—that was the last Christmas I ever saw my mother. I crawled into my bed and exhaustion overtook me; I quickly drifted off to sleep

Author Bio:
Carissa Miller writes a lifestyle and design blog called CC and Mike, where she and her husband blog about their experiences designing, building, and flipping houses in the Midwest. She was inspired to write her debut novel–Magnetic—because of her firsthand experience living with the trauma of an unsolved violent crime, her mother’s attempted murder. When she’s not writing, blogging, or designing, Carissa loves Oklahoma summers on the lake with her husband and three children, going to Oklahoma State sporting events and cheering on the Cowboys, and traveling cross country with her family in the RV she and her husband renovated. Carissa laughs loudly, loves with her whole heart, tells it how it is to a fault, and enjoys living life to the fullest, every moment of every day.
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Excerpt & Giveaway: Her Claim by Rebecca Grace Allen

Her Claim
Rebecca Grace Allen
(Legally Bound, #2)
Publication date: April 23rd 2018
Genres: Erotica, Romance
She’s no princess. He’s no prince. Then again, they never wanted a fairy tale.
Legally Bound, Book 2
Cassie Allbright takes no prisoners. A half Cuban ball-busting attorney, she’s too tough to admit what she wants in bed. But tough is the only way to cut it in her high-powered firm, and Cassie doesn’t need a knight in shining armor. And she definitely doesn’t need Patrick Dunham—an arrogant, chauvinistic man-whore with a knack for pissing her off.
Bound to the helm of his family’s publishing house, Patrick is shackled to a life of power and wealth he never wanted. Seduction is his only distraction—his nights of pleasure always temporary, because happily-ever-afters are not for him. But while luring a woman into his bed has always come easy, the high-and-mighty Cassie has never succumbed to his charms.
Their verbal sparring turns to foreplay, but instead of scratching an itch, it only whets their appetites. Patrick gives Cassie a taste of what she’s secretly craved, and Cassie’s dark desires stir up things Patrick never knew he wanted. Enchanted, he offers to fulfill her most dangerous fantasies. She agrees, with an iron-clad escape clause: her heart is off-limits, and so is his.
Funny thing about hearts, though. They have a way of ignoring the fine print.
Warning: This book isn’t for the faint of heart. Disclosure includes angry, vying-for-control hate sex and one steamy weekend in Miami. Ready? Break the caution tape and proceed.

“How exactly is this you seducing me?”
He gave another shake of his head along with a playful smile. Putting his drink down, he inched closer.
“Seduction begins with connection,” he said, his voice husky and soft. “I’m starting a conversation with you. Looking for something we have in common, so I can get to know you better. Is that a better answer, Ms. Smartypants?”
His eyes twinkled. Fucking hell, whatever he was doing, it was working, and Cassie found herself fighting against his magnetism.
“It is. Thank you for clarifying.” Feigning disinterest, she took another sip of her drink and waved a hand at him in a move that said go on then. “You may continue.”
“Why thank you. I’ve never been to Florida. Maybe you could show me around sometime.”
Like that was ever going to happen. “Maybe.”
She fingered the stem of her glass. Patrick kept looking at her face, his gaze never dropping from hers to the ample cleavage the dress afforded her.
“What about your family?” Cassie asked. “Are they local?”
A shadow crossed Patrick’s face, or maybe it was a trick of the eye from the lights shifting colors overhead. “My mother is.”
“Just her?”
“Yup. That’s all I’ve got.” The darkness in his eyes deepened. “You look absolutely stunning, by the way.”
Her stomach pitched from the heat in his eyes, a look so full of lust she could feel the punch of it. But did he mean it, or was it more of the game?
Whatever the answer, Cassie wasn’t sure she cared.
“It’s the dress. Makes things look better than they—”
“It’s not the dress.” He gave an emphatic shake of his head. “Those shoes, however…”
Cassie swung a leg out. These babies weren’t from the sale rack. The red satin Gianvito Rossi pumps had been bought full price during her lunchtime outing with Lilly and Sam to Saks Fifth Avenue.
Hashtag, It’s My Birthday Goddamn It.
“…would look better on my bedroom floor?” she finished for him.
Patrick laughed, but his eyes grew hooded as they followed the movement of her leg, sweeping upward and grazing along her collarbone until his gaze met hers in a hungry stare.
“In your bedroom, yes. But not on the floor.”
“No. I think I’d definitely be making a request for you to leave them on.”
Cassie flooded with heat. Her sarcasm was her only defense, an attempt to throw him off, but she was quickly losing ground. The tension between them mounted, the attraction powerful and hypnotizing. She was painfully aware of his size, the broadness of his shoulders and chest beneath his shirt. She wanted to peel it from him, touch him. Taste his mouth. Hear the gritty edge his voice had taken on, and feel the rush of being physically controlled again, even if he only did it for a minute.
She hadn’t wanted to want this, but now that he’d started, she didn’t want him to stop.
“A woman who wears shoes like that knows what she wants.” He shifted so his leg pressed against hers. Cassie’s body wound as tight as a coiled-up spring when Patrick made a purposeful slide of his knee along her thigh. “What do you want, Cassie?”
What did she want?
She wanted to make partner. To achieve job security and success, and find a way to change the world. To figure out if she was going to have a baby or not. She wanted a man who knew the right way to scare her and please her, who could make her fantasies a reality in a way that wouldn’t make her feel ashamed of them.
“It’s simple. I want to dance.” Cassie put her glass down, pulled her sash off and stood, tucking her coatroom ticket in his shirt pocket. “You coming?”

Author Bio:
Rebecca Grace allen holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Literary Comparison as well as of Master of Science degree in Elementary Education, both of which seemed like good ideas at the time. After stumbling through careers in entertainment, publishing, law and teaching, she’s returned to her first love: writing. A self-admitted caffeine addict & gym rat, she currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, two parakeets, and a cat with a very unusual foot fetish.