Me & The Blog

Hi, I'm Darcus! I'm a twenty-something wife and stay at home mom. I'm an aspiring author with hopes of seeing my novels on the shelves of bookstores someday. I'm in the editing stage of my very first novel.

As well as writing, I love reading, baking, horror movies, crafts, cooking, tattoos, piercings, high heels, Supernatural, photography, hanging out with my beautiful daughter and Netflix binges with my awesome husband. I have a very eclectic mind so I'm always wanting to do something new, as you can tell by reading my bucket list.

This blog is primarily my outlet for book reviews but I do post the occasional product review.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!  You can email me or catch me on one of the social media pages listed in the sidebar.  You can almost always catch me on Instagram or Facebook!

I started a book blog in 2011 called Starcrossed Reviews and ran it for two years before opening Rainy Days and Pajamas.  Starcrossed Reviews focused only on books, authors and book related news.  Multiple times I had tried to create a personal blog, only to end up failing.  I learned pretty quickly that with everything I wanted to do, there was no way I could simultaneously run multiples blogs.  While trying to figure out this dilemma, I realized that I wanted to review so much more than just books!  I wanted to review nail polish and other products as well.  At first I just attempted to create a nail polish blog.  Rainy Days and Pajamas originally started out as The Polish Patch.

But I still wasn't happy with that.  Especially the name.  After giving it some more thought, I decided something else would be better.

I mean, I loved glitter.  But this still wasn't right.  So finally, I decided on how to fix my little problem.  I wanted to review books, didn't I?  I also wanted to review nail polish and other products as well as post about my everyday life and show the photos that I was taking.  I was pregnant and that was something I wanted to put into a blog.  Those memories, the belly photos, her birth, her life.  Our lives.  And so became Rainy Days and Pajamas.

The site will continue to grow every day that it's online.  I'm a very random poster and I try to stay on a schedule, but a routine doesn't seem to stick for very long.  So I hope readers can bear with me.  :)

If you're interested, follow along as I watch my daughter and my marriage grow, fail at crafts, recommend books, paint my nails, show you how to paint your nails, show you which products I think are worth your time, improve my photography and slowly mark off, one by one, each and every item on my bucket list.

Rainy Days and Pajamas is my journey and I'm inviting you along for the ride.