My Bucket List

1. Become a mother.
2. Get married.
3. Write and publish a novel.
4. Improve my photography skills.
5. Go to New Orleans, Louisiana.
6. Go to Ireland.
7. Make a quilt.
8. Go on a cruise.
9. Get one of my photographs published.
10. Meet a celebrity.
11. Go to New York City.
12. Quit smoking.
13. Make a candle.
14. Photograph a famous landmark.
15. Own my own home.
16. Visit Salem, Massachusetts
17. Fly in an airplane.
18. Have a big beautiful flower garden.
19. Make someone else's dream come true.
20. Open up my own shop.
21. Go para-sailing.
22. Ride in a hot air balloon.
23. Travel outside of the United States.
24. Be in the audience at a talk show.
25. Meet one of my favorite authors.
26. Inspire someone to do something amazing.
27. Do something amazing.
28. Take my mother to see the ocean.
29. Do something carefree and spontaneous/say yes to something I would normally never do.
30. Have a character in a fiction novel named after me.
31. Go to Coachella.
32. Meet my favorite YouTubers.
33. Cook Thanksgiving dinner for family at my house.
34. Have my own office with a big Bay window and lots of bookshelves.
35. Have a Halloween tree (preferably in my awesome office).
36. Eat beignets At Cafe du Monde.
37. Go to mardi gras.
38. Go rock climbing.
39. Go on a week-long hiking/camping trip.
40. Go to the Mothman Festival.
41. Watch the Aurora Borealis.
42. Visit the Hocus Pocus house in Salem.
43. Improve my cake decorating skills.
44. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day.
45. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
46. Go on a road trip.
47. Go to the theater and see a movie by myself.
48. Go to a restaurant and have dinner with myself.
49. See Stonehenge in person.
50. Go to a strip club.
51. Go to St. Helens, Oregon during Halloween.
52. Go on a swamp tour.
53. Go to a bookstore, sit, drink a cup of coffee, and read by myself.