Saturday, July 2, 2016

Review: Pink Bamboo Watch from NiceShop

I've been insanely amazed with bamboo and wooden watches since I first saw them a year or two ago.  I immediately fell in love with the natural elements to them and, even though I never wear watches, I wanted one badly.  So I couldn't turn the chance to review this bamboo watch from NiceShop!

I received this product at a deeply discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

As Described On Amazon:
  • Adjustable to fit most any wrist. Becomes more beautiful with wearing as the natural oils from your skin add to the beauty
  • Special Designed for people with allergies and sensitive skin so no metal ever touches the skin or People like to touch nature.
  • The unique mix of design and color let you immediately become fashion
  • Band is usually longer then needed; please take off several links; easy to resize.
  • Perfect gift for wedding,party,festival,such as Christmas,Thanksgiving Day etc.
Amazon Price: $36.99 (Prime Eligible)
Avg. Customer Rating: No reviews or ratings.

The order was shipped and packaged by Amazon so it came in the standard Amazon packaging; a cardboard box with some bubble cushioning on the inside, sealed with Amazon packing tape.

I Received: 
I received one pink bamboo watch inside a black box.

What I Thought:
The watch was really nice and was great quality.  It was a simple design and felt light but sturdy. The wrist band part is adjustable and the clasp was super easy to open and close. I have problems with some other watch clasps being difficult to maneuver, but had absolutely no issues with this one.

The face of the watch is pretty, though it seemed some of the markings were pretty light and seemed like they should have been burned or pressed a little harder into the bamboo.  I can easily see someone with bad eyesight having a hard time reading the time and different lighting could potentially make it worse.

The bamboo is very well maintained and felt secure and neatly sealed. There was no splintering, not rough patches and not one area that may feel uncomfortable. The entire watch is completely smooth to the touch and felt very nice while on the wrist. No complaints with wearability.

The color is really vibrant and noticeable.  I, personally, would prefer a natural grain bamboo watch over the pink, but I knew the color before I accepted the review, so that isn't really a negative. I admit though, that the pink was a bit much for me though, so I did end up passing it along to my mother in law who absolutely loved it.  She's worn it a few times and has fallen head over heels for it. She has no issues with the watch at all.

Overall Thoughts: 
The watch is really nice and great quality for the price.  I've seen bamboo watches go for much, much higher prices, so if you're looking for a decent earthy, natural watch, I definitely suggest this one!

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