Friday, January 6, 2017

Didn't Get Any Sleep? Try These Makeup Hacks To Make You Look More Awake!

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When you become a mother, it's safe to say that you start to value sleep more than you ever did before. As soon as your baby is born you have to resort to grabbing a few minutes of sleep wherever and wherever you can - and don't you just hate those moms who claim that their child has 'always slept through the night'? Of course, it does get better as your children get older. But with all the responsibilities that come with being a mom - late night science projects, picking them up from friend's houses - you can still feel like you are running on empty half the time. When you are this tired, appearance can often go out the window. After all, you definitely have more important things to think about than how you look. But we do all feel self-conscious from time to time, especially if someone has made a comment about how tired we look before. If you feel as though you need to fake those 8 hours of sleep, don't fear - try some of these easy beauty hacks to help mask your tiredness.

Add Color To Your Face
One of the biggest giveaways for a night of no sleep is dull, lifeless skin that is void of any tone or hue. A lack of sleep can result in drastically low pH levels which lead to your skin being dehydrated and therefore lacking in color. In order to counteract this process, you first need to put some moisture back into your skin. Choose a moisturizer that is high in Vitamin E, as this is one of the key components our skin requires in order to stay healthy. Then, you can apply a foundation (or just a tinted moisturizer) in order to even out your skin tone. Just use a light application, as anything too heavy can make you look overdone. Then add a light dusting of bronzer or blush on the areas where you would naturally tan, or go red (the hairline, nose and collarbones respectively).
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Highlight, Highlight, Highlight
The skin around our eyes is usually what is affected the most by consistently poor sleep. Eye bags and dark circles are the usual culprits, and getting rid of them can be pretty hard. But for those days when we simply need to cover them up, makeup can solve all. Grab yourself a good highlighter using a Feel unique discount code at Plus Voucher Code. Use this under the eye and also in the corners in order to brighten the skin in this area. Using a white eye pencil on your waterline can also help to do this - and don't forget to finish with a lashing of mascara.

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Brighten Those Eyes
When we have been dealt a bad night's sleep, we can often wake up with dry, dull eyes. It's not something we usually think about, but the shine from our eyes is something that is very closely correlated with our health. Simply being overtired can result in dull eyes, which is what makes us look drained. If you suffer from this, firstly rejuvenate your eyes with a specialist cream. Or, you could even go old-school and put slices of cucumber on them to help reduce any swelling. Then use some eye drops directly into your eyes to make them shine. Just because you had no sleep doesn't mean the rest of the world needs to know that, after all!

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