Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Baby? Prepare Your Home Now!

If a new baby is on the horizon, then you will have to plan and even re-invent your home for the new arrival. As well as decorating the house, you may want to move things around to make the home as safe as possible to avoid accidents.

It can be really exciting decorating your new baby’s room.You will want it to look sweet and beautiful, but safety must also be a priority. It also needs to be organised in a way that's convenient for you. As excited as you may be, try not to fill the room with things before your little one has arrived. Start with the basics like a crib or a cot, a changing table and dresser. You will have plenty of time to add in other items later. You will also need to ensure the room is warm, by fitting a heat cable somewhere suitable.
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Baby Proofing
Baby proofing your home will seem like an overwhelming, constant job. Make it easy on yourself and start as early as possible. You'll be too busy with your new arrival and stream of visitors at all hours to think about it, otherwise. Prepare for your new baby now by baby-proofing for the newborn stage. You will be always re-evaluating safety needs at the crawling and walking stages, too.

Baby Monitor
A good, dependable baby monitor can alleviate worries. You can’t be in two places at once, so a monitor will help alert you to problems. It will be especially comforting to you during your baby’s first days at home.

Breast and Bottle Feeding Essentials
Your baby will want meals on time. Bottle-feeding mothers will need feeding equipment and the right formula before baby arrives. For breastfeeding, you could have a breast pump and bottles available for times when someone else will be looking after the baby. Keep the phone number of a local breastfeeding support group member on hand, just in case you need some advice or a shoulder to lean on.

Important Phone Numbers
Prepare for your new baby's arrival now by putting together a list of important phone numbers and put them somewhere you will remember and can be easily accessed. Include your baby's pediatrician, your doctor, the breastfeeding support group contact and even a takeaway for when you’ve been too busy to cook.

Your Bedroom
Your bedroom should still be a sanctuary for you and your partner. Be careful not to clutter up your bedroom with baby’s things, and still make it appealing to relax in. You and your other half still need your private place to relax and talk after a hard day looking after your baby and working, so ensure that it remains that way.
Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life. Preparing for your new baby now will mean that you’ll have a considerably bigger amount of time to play with, interact with and enjoy your baby when they arrive. Good planning will mean a good home for you and your baby.

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