Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cutting Costs On Your Reading Hobby


Whether you read for pleasure or need to fuel your studies, buying books can be expensive – especially new and rare copies. Here are a few ways to buy books on a budget.

Avoid hardbacks

Hardbacks may look and feel nicer, but they’re almost always going to be pricier. Start opting for paperbacks and e-books instead. Occasionally, newer books may only be initially available in hardback, before later being released in paperback. E-books will generally be sold from the initial sale date.

Go second hand

Buying second-hand will always save you money. If you can put up with the occasional crease from a once dog-eared page, you could save yourself a lot of money on a relatively new book. Second-hand book stores and charity shops are all over the place. There are also a number of second hand stores online such as Bookfinder, as well as sites like Amazon and eBay. Flea markets and car boot sales are also great places to pick up a real bargain.

Swap books

If you don’t mind parting with one of your books, you could swap with someone. There are sites such as Paperbackswap that allow you to do this. You can learn more about how to get started with Paperbackswap here. Alternatively, you can always arrange your own book swaps with family and friends.


Become a member of your local library/bookstore

For avid readers, memberships may something worth considering. Becoming a member of your local library might allow you to borrow books at a reduced price or in some cases for free – however you will have to ensure you are regularly making use of this membership for it to be worthwhile. Book stores meanwhile often offer their own memberships, resulting in discounts on books. This may be better for those that want to physically own the books they read, as well as allowing you discounts on books that you may want to buy for friends and family.

Buy directly from the author

In some cases, authors may allow you to buy their books directly from their sites for a fraction of the price that you’ll get for them in bookstores. This is because by buying directly, you skip out the costs of retailers. Some authors may offer discounts by signing up to their newsletter. If you’re a blogger that reviews books, you may even be able to get a book for free in exchange for doing a write-up.

Borrow from friends and family

Know a relative with a large personal library? Why not save money altogether by asking to borrow a couple paperbacks. They’re likely to happily oblige and may be able to give recommendations. Just make sure that you don’t lose or damage the borrowed book in the process – they may think twice about letting you borrow from them again.

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