Thursday, December 28, 2017

Shop My Library: Final Girls by Riley Sager

So if you haven't already noticed, there's a new addition to Rainy Days and Pajamas!  Shop My Library! How did this come about, you ask? Most people make resolutions for the new year and I am no exception. My two biggest resolutions are

1. Transition to vegetarian -> vegan
2. Declutter my life.

Number 2 is where Shop My Library comes in. 
I want to declutter my life and begin my personal journey towards minimalism. I absolutely love to read and I have coveted my books with an insane passion for years. When I mentioned this goal to everyone, there number one question was "What about your books?" to which I responded by laughing and said "Hell no. Everything but my books."

But that got me thinking... Why do I put so much emotional energy into owning a lot of books? I've basically become a book hoarder, they're so hard to move (and we've moved A LOT since my daughter was born), and using my Kindle is so much easier as a stay at home mom. I could also use the extra money for non book related things, like a new computer, new phone, and a new camera.

So, help yourself to my books! I'll add books as I get a chance to go through them and read them. Some will be brand new, most will be used, and a lot will be signed. You won't find any ARCs here (you can find those in giveaways here on the blog) but I have a lot of signed books and if I have any swag for the book/author, you might get a surprise gift!

Here's the first listing for Shop My Library.
Check out the full list at the top of the site.
You can pay two ways, PayPal and Amazon Gift Card.
Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, this will be US only.
I'm also willing to do trades! If you have a book you'd like to trade for one of these, email me at

Click on the picture for purchase info.

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