Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 31

Overview:  Been a busy couple of weeks.  Had my normal doctor's appointment and found out that I have gestational diabetes so I'm now on a really strict diet.  I also have to check my blood sugar four times daily.  I had to go see a dietitian and a GD lady that teaches people how to use glucose meters and everything they come with.  We had a 4D ultrasound planned but just like always, Bella absolutely would not cooperate.  She kept her face smushed into the placenta and refused to turn or move, so we ended up with only two pictures.  One of her smushed profile and one of her vagina (still no problems showing that off!) and they weren't even in 4D.  I'd like to say it was a waste of our time, but anytime I get to see my daughter and be reassured that she's healthy is worth it.  My next doctor's appointment is on the 16th and we have another 4D scheduled for the 23rd.  Also scheduled my baby shower!  May 19th.

Cravings:  Extra cheese pizza, Oreos (horrible cravings for them!), strawberry milkshakes, chocolate cake, honey buns, raspberry tea, spicy McChicken sandwiches and pickled bologna.

Symptoms:  Pelvic girdle pain, frequent urination, horrible heartburn has started back up, leaking colostrum.

Movement:  Oh, I have been feeling her like crazy.  Sometimes it feels like she doing flips in there!  There have even been a few times where she moved or nudged so hard that it has actually hurt.  I've kind of figured out her sleep pattern now too.  She sleeps when I do, wakes up when Daddy is leaving for work and she wakes up right before I do (I know this because most of the time her movements are what wakes me).  I have felt long little legs and elbows.  So crazy how different I feel her now.  

Pre-Pregnancy Weight:  148 lbs.
Current Weight:  160.

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