Friday, April 10, 2015

Review: Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch

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I had seen Honest Kids in the juice aisle once before and thought about getting it.  I was very curious about the way it would taste and I'm always up for replacing something my kid is ingesting with something that is healthier for her but, for whatever reason, I ended up not getting the juice and went with her normal kind instead. 

I am fortunate enough to know many people in my personal life that feels the same way as I do about what we are feeding our children and I'm always learning things about different foods and drinks and how they impact the lives and health of small ones (and big ones). A friend's mother posted an article on Facebook a few days ago that pointed out the sugar levels and health content of some of the major "fruit" juices on the market.  And of course, my daughters favorite kind was on that list.

I limit her juice intake and am very strict on it. During a normal day I do not allow her to have juice until lunchtime and then never after dinner. She is also only allowed a certain amount within that time frame and if she drinks that amount before dinner, that all she's allowed. Some disagree with the way I parent, but that's okay. I know that my daughter is healthy and I am further educating myself on what is and isn't good for her.

Even with my strict guidelines for her juice intake, I was completely disgusted to see her favorite juice on that list and how crappy it really was. If I remember correctly, it was actually the worst one she could be drinking. 

So I decided to switch.  She was out of juice anyway and I needed to make a grocery trip. So I went straight for the Honest Kids. The only thing I was worried about was that it was going to taste like crap.  That I was going to buy it and she wouldn't drink it and in the end, I'd have a whole jug of juice and wasted money that could have been better spent.

And then I took a drink.  And we both LOVED it.  

Honest Kids is an organic juice drink sweetened ONLY with fruit juice.  There's no added sugars.  I always watered the juice down for both me and Bella because I've always found it too sweet (just my personal taste).  I literally cannot drink a glass of juice without getting a headache. This juice is completely different.  It's light and thin and has a decent amount of sweetness.  It doesn't taste diet (which I was worried about), it isn't tart or sour and it has a great flavor.

I am so happy with the taste of this juice and I will definitely be buying this again for myself and my daughter.  Honest Kids is a great replacement for a healthier juice and I can't wait to try all the other flavors!

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