Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Invisible by Jeff Erno

Cover Source:
Title: Invisible
Author: Jeff Erno
Version Reviewed: Finished, eBook

GoodReads Summary:
Chase Devereaux is a fifteen year old boy under a great deal of stress. He has to give a speech today for his Oral Communications class, and he's terrified of public speaking. Worse yet, he's being bullied by one of the most popular kids at school. He just has to make it through his third-hour gym class and then give his speech, and everything will be all right. The events about to transpire, however, may make this what proves to be the worst day of his life.
I have to admit that this piece of work got an emotional response from me. The things that Chase deals with on a daily basis are horrible. Sometimes, being out of school, I forget how badly bullying really is. When I read something like this, it takes me back to when I was Chase's age. I was depressed, wore heavy makeup, I scraped at my arms with safety pins and hid the wounds beneath wrist bands. I was suicidal and felt like no one, with the exception of my best friend at the time, wanted me in existence. Now looking back on that, it's hard for me to imagine those moments. But a work like this reminds me how I once felt and how other teenagers feel everyday.

With all that said, it was a good story. The only problem I had with it was the way it was written. It was written in a way that I am not a fan of. But as a reader, I can get over that. I can ignore it and read between the words.

Favorite Character:
Rating: 3 Stars.
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