Friday, June 17, 2016

Exploring Texas: Lake Meredith

One thing that we searched for during our time in Texas was a lake or a nice body of water to go exploring around and play in. A friend of my husbands told him about Lake Meredith so we decided to go check it out one day.  We had planned to have a picnic and grill some food and check the area out so we did a little grocery shopping for some stuff that we needed. Unfortunately, when we started towards Lake Meredith, we got caught in a pretty bad storm. Hail, rain, the whole shebang. The weather was terrible and we didn't want to drive it and we were hungry, so the closest place to us at that moment was a delicious little burger place called Freddy's. If you've ever been to a Steak & Shake, Freddy's is similar but they have frozen custard and, to be perfectly honest, I think the food is better.
We had some good food and discovered a delicious new place (that we continued to go to several times afterwards) so we couldn't complain too much about the weather pooping out on us. The next day the weather happened to be absolutely beautiful, so we simply rescheduled our adventure and headed out the next day. :)
We had a pretty amazing time in Lake Meredith and Bella got a chance to play with some super nice dogs and get in the water. Waiting until the weather was nice was super worth it and I would love to go back there some time.  Amazing day!

Check out the video of our adventure below!

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