Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: #FinishLine by Cambria Hebert

#FinishLine (GearShark, #5)
Cover Source:
Title: #FinishLine
Series: GearShark #5
Author: Cambria Hebert
Version Reviewed: Finished, eBook
I received this book as a gift from a friend.

GoodReads Synopsis:
Every race has a finish line.
Where you go after you cross it is what matters most.
And sometimes, that’s the most intriguing.
Here at GearShark, we’ve featured lots of drivers.
All of them are well acquainted with the finish line.
And as race fans, we’re well acquainted with cheering as they cross it.
What we aren’t privy to is riding shotgun, seeing where they drive once the race is over.
Our interviews barely scratch the surface,
offering just a glimpse of the men and women behind the wheel.
The discovery of vanished Motocross sensation Jayson Hamilton,
who has been right under our noses for years, proves secrets abound.
It’s time to dig deep. Look beyond the racetrack at the drivers who continue to pique our interest. In addition to scoring an exclusive, all-access interview with the elusive Jayson Hamilton (his first and only since the death of his fellow racer and partner Matt Lewis),
we’ve caught up with some of our most popular featured men and women in the racing world.
Where are they now?
Who are they now?
What do these hot commodities do when they escape the spotlight?
Rumors of weddings, babies, and new tattoos swirl through the media on a weekly basis.
And though we’re headlining the hashtag #Finishline, we’re far from finished.
In fact, we’re just getting started.
This newest issue of GearShark is jam packed with everything you’ve been dying to know…
and it just might be our biggest page-turner yet.
Man, oh man I will never get tired of these books. Cambria kind of surprised everyone with this book. #Blur hadn't been out for too long when she did a surprise reveal for the cover and blurb for #FinishLine. I think all of her readers were ecstatic to see the series continue for one more book. I'm pretty sure that 99% of us are not ready for this series to end and wish she would continue writing more GearShark books. In relation, the end of GearShark, also means the final end to the Hashtag series, the original series that sparked this series. Although we have a lot of new characters that we've fallen in love with, most of the characters in GearShark were introduced in the Hashtag series. Saying goodbye to GearShark also means saying a final goodbye to Hashtag (unless Cambria decides to surprise us again in the future ;) ).

With all that said, this book was amazing. I honestly loved it even more than I expected to (which was a lot) and couldn't stop reading it once I started.  With being nine months pregnant and a lot of other life crap thrown in the mix, it took me forever to start #FinishLine, something that I'm not happy about because I love these books and love to devour them immediately, and I definitely did once I finally got a chance to begin.

I never thought that the wedding bells would be happening for these two characters and especially not so soon. I was holding out hope for Trent and Drew, but only because I love those two so much and honestly miss them like crazy. Once I have paperbacks of the Hashtag and GearShark series, I definitely plan on doing a reread. Even though it wasn't the two boys I wanted to say I do, I'm still sooooo happy and excited that Cambria had two of her male characters get married. We've seen so many hetero couples exchange vows and it was so exciting and satisfying to see two of the characters we loved most tie the knot.

I really couldn't get enough of this book. It's so full of romance and sexiness and just all around tug-on-your-heartstrings goodness that it's impossible to put down. I'm sad to see the books come to an end, but they definitely ended on a high note and  I'm more in love than I ever have been with Cambria's words and characters.

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