Friday, April 7, 2017

Why Your Man Deserves Your Magic Makeover Touch

Us women get to change our image every season. Not all of us feel the need to, but the option’s there if we desire. Yet, while you’re updating your wardrobe, your man wears the same clothes, for years. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Though, it’s not all violins. Most men are happy to wear clothes until they fall apart. Then, they buy something as close to what they had as possible. But, every now and again, your man may feel the need to update his look. It’s not just us women who like to freshen things up. When he does, the chances are that he’ll come to you for help. That’s why it’s important you know everything you need for a man wardrobe makeover!

Your man needs to decide what image he’s aiming for. Turning to fashion icons can always help you when deciding. It’s also worth having an idea of the general options available to him. It may be that he wants to become a suited and booted business type. Or, maybe the hipster image appeals to him. Don’t worry; you can convince him against the ‘man bun’ later down the line! For now, having a general image idea is important. You won’t be able to start shopping without one. This will help the two of you gain some ideas of what you need to look out for.


Men and women tend to shop in different ways. While women are happy to hit the town and see what they find, most men like an idea of where they’re going. Chances are that you don’t know much about men’s shops. Most stores have a man and woman section, but it’s not as easy as heading to the men department of your favorite store. You and your man are different people, and like different things. Talk to some friends and see where their men shop. Search online for the best men’s fashion shops near you. Then, develop a plan of action. Keep your man engaged by knowing which stores you’re visiting, and in which order.

We all know that it’s important to take risks when trying a new image. Make sure your man knows this. You can never know what looks good until you try it. He may have chosen an image he would like to imitate, but there’s no reason he can’t make it his own. Encourage him to take the plunge. This may be as simple as trying a color he’s never worn before, to getting earrings like the ones on this website. No matter how extreme the risks, the results may be what makes the image work for him.

If your man doesn’t often change his look, it’s important to make the most of this opportunity. Help him become the man he’s always wanted to be. But, remember that this is about what he wants. Don’t let your opinions cloud his judgment!

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