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Excerpt & Giveaway: Ann, Not Annie by Sage Steadman

Ann, Not Annie
Sage Steadman
Publication date: September 20th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Ann, not Annie, is tired of her nominal existence and has vowed to turn things around by dating the hottest guy in school, Jacob Waters. Easier said than done since Jacob isn’t even aware she exists. The truth is, due to Ann’s lively temper she spends more time in detention with the rest of the school rejects than she does fantasizing about Jacob Waters wearing spandex.
Her best friend and devout alien believer, Lisa, doesn’t like the changes she’s seeing in her BFF. Neither does Danny Feller, a fellow detention inmate and resident lost boy who has started keeping an extra watchful and unwanted eye on Ann.
When a chance encounter in an empty hallway changes everything, Ann finds all her dreams coming true and she is well on her way to living the perfect life she’s always wanted. But appearances aren’t always what they seem and Ann is going to have to face not just cold hard facts, but also her past.

From Chapter Two

Ann dragged herself down junior hallway, running late for her next class. If she took a shortcut through senior hallway, it would save her some time and she might even make it to her locker to get her math book.
Ann stopped at the intersection between the long route down junior hallway and the shortcut through senior hallway and debated.
The problem with walking down senior hallway was that you weren’t allowed to unless a) you were a senior, or b) you were dating a senior. All others were either suicidal, in which case the stroll was a blatant attempt to end his or her life, or they were clinically insane. Those who attempted walking the short stretch usually got publicly embarrassed whether it was being tripped, ridiculed, or kidnapped and taken elsewhere and having who-knows-what done to them. Even Stacey what’s-her-face had got an elbow to the clavicle the week prior and ended up in a pile on the floor.
Danny was grabbing his math book from his locker in junior hallway when he caught a glimpse of Ann gazing down senior hallway with a pained expression on her face. He watched as she bit her lip. He recognized the sadness in her eyes that most people ignored.
Did I mention Danny was in love with her? Well, I’m getting to that.
“Annie Grey, hoping for an escort?” Ann turned her head to see her freshman English teacher and neighbor, Mr. Gibbs, smiling at her.
“Are you volunteering? You know those seniors have no mercy on teachers. They will probably eat you alive,” Ann retorted.
“Annie you’ll do fine,” he said with a smile before smacking her shoulder with a stack of red-inked papers and walking off.
“It’s Ann! Not Annie,” she called after him.
Mr. Gibbs turned his head and smiled. “That’s not what your mother calls you!”
Ann rolled her eyes. Well my mom isn’t exactly in her right mind. She turned her attention back to Krissy Stevenson (A.K.A. String Bean on account of her waif-like figure) and watched her pluck her fake fingernails through Greg Arbertson’s hair, as they stood lip-locked at his open green locker. The scene made Ann sick, but not for the reasons you might think. Ann wouldn't admit it, but she was jealous.
All Ann wanted was a normal high school experience. She wasn’t sure what that meant, but she had a pretty good idea that it didn’t involve detention or having to buy school reports instead of just writing them. Ann blamed the accident for her lack of normalcy and made her way down junior hallway.
Luckily Ann made it to Mr. Dutton’s math class without getting a tardy slip. Just before the tardy bell rang, she spotted Mr. Jackson, hall monitor, bee-lining it to the boy’s bathroom with a worried look on his face.
Ann reached the closed door and her heart skipped as she remembered Danny and the note. She wondered where he’d be sitting in class today, since they didn’t have assigned seating. Ann didn’t want to prolong her anxiety, so she dramatically swung the door open and marched in.
Mr. Dutton turned from the whiteboard to Ann.
“Ah, Annie Grey, nice of you to join us.”
“It’s Ann.”
“Right. Ann, why don’t you take a seat. Do you have a tardy slip?”
Ann shook her head, and glanced at the full classroom and the twenty-two pairs of eyes staring at her. Well, twenty-one and a half, if you don’t count Stephanie Thompson’s glass eye.
Once Ann saw that the only available desk was behind Grease-ball Bryce Singleton, she let out a deep sigh and trudged to the empty seat. Bryce smiled menacingly at Ann as he hung his letterman jacket on the back of her chair. Ann gritted her teeth and plopped into the seat.

Author Bio:
Sage Steadman was awarded a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah. While pursuing her passion for writing, she worked as a licensed mental health therapist. She published her debut novel, “Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter,” in 2010 under her pen name, The Hippie, and since, re-released the second edition under her real name. The novel has been deemed an “idyllic” read, filled with love, humor, romance and heart. She is also the co-author of the gritty and inspiring historical fiction novel, “Upon Destiny’s Song,” alongside classical guitarist, Mike Ericksen, and has penned an article on teen cutting for Canadian Magazine, “Edmonton’s Child.” She has recently produced a stunning and thought-reflecting novella entitled, “The Waking Dream.” Sage is heralded as a talented writer who tackles her novels with a witty, raw and honest approach. She currently lives near Salt Lake City, Utah with family.



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