Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Excerpt & Giveaway: Pulse by Danielle Koste

Title: PULSE
Release Date: January 1st 2018

Author: Danielle Koste
Genre: Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance
Preorders: November 30th 2017 

Short synopsis:
Rowan Platts, a virologist intern, is in over her head when she's invited to work on a secret government study. The subject: a boy with a virus that gives him vampire-­like symptoms. As more information is revealed about the virus, Rowan is forced to make choices that ultimately define her morals and put her dream career, and life, in jeopardy.

Rowan Platts is addicted to success.

When she's presented with the chance to work on a top secret project fronted by her idol, renowned virologist Dr. Margot Miller, Rowan signs her life away without second thought. The realization she’s gotten in over her head comes only after the subject of their study is revealed: a boy with a bad attitude and an uninhibited taste for human blood.

He's a medical anomaly. Having the ability to crush metal with his bare hands and hear a heartbeat from across the room, it would make Rowan’s career if she was the one to discover what made him so unusual.

Easier said than done, with a subject who prefers snapping necks over answering questions.

The sound of the security door shutting behind her was solid. Final. The bracelet, clamped snug around her wrist like a handcuff, offered no comfort. Somewhere outside her shallow breathing, she heard Miller speaking through the telecom again.
"We are sending in a doctor. You are to stay two yards away from her at all times. If you touch her, or do not cooperate, you will be immobilized. Do you understand, Subject?"
The bloodied boy did not reply. Instead, there was an unsettling silence, then Rowan heard the loud, mechanical locks on the doors. Once behind her, shutting her in, and then in front, allowing access to the monster on the other side. Rowan swallowed down the sick feeling that rose in her throat, letting out a long exhale to try and calm herself.
There was a low chuckle, then, dragging fingernails, lightly across the metal door in front of her.
“Come out of your hole, little mouse. The cat wants to play.”
His tone implied he was joking, but something sinister was also laced in it. It made the air catch in her throat, escaping in a hiss across a quivering lip. She twisted the cuff on her wrist with shaking fingers, trying to find her resolve again. She must have forgotten it in the previous room.
Rowan closed her eyes, shaking off the fear that clung to her ankles like chains, and took a heavy step towards the door. Like Pandora, opening her box of chaos, Rowan reached for the heavy handle with a timid hand. She was damned, regardless of what happened after the door opened. It was the choice to open it that condemned her.

About the Author:
Danielle Koste is a born and raised Canadian, but currently lives with her significant other in the equally snowy and cold Stockholm, Sweden. While working a day job and learning the language of the locals, she spends her free time honing the craft she's always had a passion for.

When procrastinating, Danielle likes to enjoy other forms of rich story-telling, besides the obvious abundance of novels filling up her apartment and Kindle. Movies, music, and video games are among her favorite time-wasters.

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