Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review: What He Always Knew by Kandi Steiner

What He Always Knew (What He Doesn't Know Duet, #2)
Title: What He Always Knew
Author: Kandi Steiner
Series: What He Doesn't Know Duet #2
Version Reviewed: ARC, eBook
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

GoodReads Synopsis:
Left or right.

It’s that simple, and it isn’t simple at all.
If I turn left, the road will lead me back to the man I promised my life to, the one I’d imagined building a family with, the one who’s done everything in his power to get me back.
If I turn right, the road will take me to the man I loved first, the man who brought me back to life, the man who would do anything to keep me.
I knew the fork in the road was inevitable; it was the decision I never wanted to make between choices I didn't know I had.

And I love them both.
My heart is destined to exist in two equal halves — one with each man. But one half beats stronger, the vein running deepest, and holds my choice in silence long before I know it for myself.

The realization of what I have to do, of the heart I have to break, just might break mine too.

Left or right.

All I have to do is take a breath and turn.
I didn't think it was possible for me to love book two more than I loved book one but, God, was I wrong. I actually wrote the first sentence of this review and had to step away because I wasn't sure how to continue. I'm still not sure.

The first book is Reese's. Charlie is the main character but she let Reese be a star. It was easy to fall for him. He was the sexy, brooding man with a troubled past. He was the boy from her childhood that she never got the chance to love. And damn, could that man play the piano. He swept me off of my feet just like he did Charlie.

Cameron was barely there in book one, a background character waiting for his chance to shine but once it was his turn, he shone brighter than all the stars. It was just as hard for me to love him in What He Doesn't Know as it was for Charlie. He was not a great man but my own real life love and dedication for my husband had me emotionally begging for Charlie to get things right with hers. Just like Cameron, I didn't want her to give up on their marriage, give up on the man that loved her so much he was willing to let her go.

It was easy to fall for Cameron in this book and I fell hard. I wanted more than anything for this book to go a certain way and I even found myself getting annoyed by Reese and Charlie. I loved Cameron's character so much that I was becoming angry with Charlie for putting him through the agony of possibly losing his wife.

This duet was the first time I've ever read Kandi Steiner and I am so fucking glad that I decided to give her writing a shot. I'm going to be searching out more of her books in the future because, damn, did this one get me.

Rating: 5 Stars

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