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Excerpt & Giveaway: Bahama Mama by Tricia Leedom

Bahama Mama
Tricia Leedom
(The Key West Escape, #2)
Published by: Firefly Hill Press
Publication date: May 8th 2018
Genres: Adult, Adventure, Romance
Perfect for fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Janet Evanovich, this action-packed sequel to Rum Runner from a fresh voice in contemporary romance offers a sexy and comedic take on love, adventure, and what it means to trust your heart.
Troubles are piling up for Molly MacBain. Between navigating the moods of an increasingly sassy teenage daughter, battling mounting financial difficulties, and dealing with her daughter’s deadbeat dad, Molly certainly doesn’t need any more stress in her life. But when she learns that her best friend, Sophie, has been keeping a huge secret from her, she’s beyond bowled over. Apparently, Sophie’s soon-to-be brother-in-law is Molly’s idol, country music superstar Anders Ostergaard and after years on the country music circuit herself, Molly can’t help but have a fan-girl moment when she finally meets him.
Anders flies to Key West to attend his brother’s wedding and keep a low profile after a Vegas scandal makes him a tabloid target. Usually, he has a strict rule about getting involved with fans, but Molly MacBain’s sharp wit and refreshing openness draws him in like no one has before.
But romance and flirting take a backseat when Molly’s daughter witnesses a murder and winds up in Jamaica. Anders offers Molly the use of his private plane to bring her home and together, they set off for Montego Bay. Between racing against her ex’s impending visit and the hitman hunting for the witness to his crime, both Molly and Anders are completely unaware they’re being stalked by an even greater danger.
In the sultry Caribbean, Anders and Molly discover when a man who’s sworn off love and a woman who guards her heart can’t keep their hands off of each other, something’s gotta give. If their luck doesn’t run out first.
Sequel to:

Molly spoke into the mic. “I’m going to do one more number with the band before I resume my maid of honor duties, which means I’m gonna stuff my gut with Oscar’s delicious food and enjoy getting drunk with the rest of y’all.” Over the chuckles of amusement, she thanked everyone for listening and reminded them they could come see her two nights a week at Dixie’s.
The band teased the next song by playing a long version of the intro while Big Roy returned to the front of the stage and adjusted the second mic stand to his height. Molly moved her stool aside and raised her own stand.
“The bride’s father came to me a couple weeks ago and asked if he could request a song.” She pointed to Mitch who grinned back at her through his handlebar mustache. “When he said he’d like me to sing one of his favorites, I thought for sure he was gonna to ask for a Zeppelin tune. Or maybe some Aerosmith.”
The audience laughed.
“Who knew you were a little bit country, Mitch?”
Mitch cupped his mouth to shout over the music but his words were drowned out. “Love me some Dolly.”
“It’s a duet, so Big Roy is gonna help me out—”
But Roy was stepping back from the mic so that Anders could take his place. Molly’s stomach dipped. She frowned slightly in confusion as Anders grinned and winked at her.
The moment he stepped in front of the microphone, the audience went wild. They knew what was coming before Molly did.
Anders waited for the noise to die down. “I have to thank Roy for letting me sit in on this one. You see, Molly promised me I could sing with her tonight and I thought I better jump in here and grab my chance while I can.”
Facing Molly, Anders trapped her with his mischievous blue gaze. His mouth quirked into a teasing smile. She was used to people dwarfing her, but Anders wasn’t only a big, strapping man, he was larger than life. Her heart raced and her mouth went dry. She reached for the glass of whisky and knocked back the rest of it like a shot. This was happening. She was really about to sing with her idol.

Author Bio:
Tricia Leedom writes romantic adventure novels with a sense of humor. She earned her BA in Creative Writing from the The University of Tampa and her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Tricia enjoys funny hashtags, cheap airfare, and fangirling over a TV show based on her favorite book series. She lives in Southwest Florida.


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