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Excerpt & Giveaway: The Successor by Alina Jacobs

The Successor
Alina Jacobs
(Holbrook Cousin’s Saga, #1)
Publication date: July 5th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
He’s gone from the battlefield to the boardroom; now this billionaire has to win his girl.
Hot tempered Grant Holbrook has just returned to the states and he’s already in trouble.
In jail and estranged from his adoptive parents, Grant thinks his luck is turning around when Kate, his birth father’s gorgeous assistant walks into the police station to bail him out.
As the newly discovered heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, Grant is the talk of New Cardiff, his father’s exclusive New England hometown, and not everyone is happy that he’s there.
Deemed the most eligible bachelor in America, Grant has to run an international corporation and fend off the woman that want him.
But there is one woman who won’t throw herself at him—Kate.
How can he convince her that he needs her in his life not just for a night but for the rest of his life?
Sleeping with the boss’s heir is not in her job description.
Kate has sworn off men. After a string of bad relationships culminating in the absolute worst night of her life, Kate promised herself she was going to concentrate on her career and bury all of her bad decisions.
But when her billionaire boss asks her to find his long lost heir after a Holbrook family tragedy, Kate finds herself falling for the volatile Grant—but she cannot give in. She would lose her job and ruin her reputation if she were caught sleeping with her boss’s son.
Kate is the executive assistant of billionaire Walter Holbrook, and she prides herself in achieving the impossible. But when Grant starts pursuing her, he may be the one problem Kate won’t be able to solve.
As secrets from her past start to resurface, will it drive her into his arms or will she ultimately resist Grant Holbrook?
The Successor is book 1 in the Holbrook Cousins Saga, but can be read as a standalone novel. This 80,000 word steamy romance novel has no cliffhangers but a very happily ever after.

The suite was bigger than the garage apartment Grant had lived in with his adoptive parents when he was a child before they moved to the cinder-block house. He followed the butler back to the sitting room, where Kate waited.
"Will this room be okay?" she asked him.
"Yes," he said, "it's perfect."
"Great!" Kate smiled brightly at him. He felt melty inside.
I need to just f--k her and get it out of my system, he thought then immediately chastised himself.
"I'll leave you to rest," she said. "Tomorrow, I'll join you for breakfast and take you through the grounds and New Cardiff Township. It will be fun!"
After she left, the butler told him, "I'll have some light supper brought up for you."
"Thank you," Grant said. "What's your name?"
"Thank you, Stefan."
"My pleasure," Stefan replied as he left the suite.
Grant took a long, hot shower. He wasn't sure what to do about Gus, so he stuck the dog in the tub and hoped that he didn't make a mess. When he went into the sitting room, there was sliced steak, broiled vegetables, some sort of pasta, and a salad waiting for him. There was also a small plate of cheese and fruit. On a wooden platform were two bowls, one with water and one with small cut-up bits of chicken and broccoli for Gus. The pup raced over to it and devoured the meal. Grant fed him small pieces of his own meal since Gus looked as if he was still hungry.
His bags had also been brought up, but Grant didn't bother to unpack. "We're only staying a day, maybe two," he said to Gus. "Just until I figure out what my biological father wants and how much he's willing to pay me to go away. I bet there's some sort of contract for me to keep my mouth shut." The puppy started wandering around the room anxiously.
"I bet you need to go out," Grant said. He found a coat in the closet and shoved his boots back on. His uniform had been taken away to be cleaned, he supposed.
He tucked the dog under his arm and went outside then set Gus down on the perfectly manicured lawn.
"Hello there," said a female voice.
"Kate," Grant said, turning to look at her.
She smiled at him.
"Thanks for everything," he said to her.
"Are you settling in?" she asked. She was wearing some sort of asymmetrical coat. She looked so elegant standing there in the soft light from the windows. She had changed out of her heels and was wearing
thin canvas sneakers. Just seeing her delicate ankles in those shoes as she shifted her balance was making Grant crazier than a repressed nineteenth-century professor.
"Do you live here?" he asked.
"I live with my grandmother on the next property over," she told him.
"I see."
Grant was feeling warm from the shower and the meal, and Kate was looking up at him, her hazel eyes almost green in the light. He reached out and ran his hands down the side of the coat. It was soft, and the calluses on his hands caught on the delicate threads.
"What are you doing?" Kate said with a breathy laugh.
Grant pulled her close to him and kissed her. She didn't struggle, just melted into his arms, so he kissed her harder and let his tongue slide into her mouth. He came up for a breath then kissed her neck while he slid one hand up her thigh, under her dress.
Kate's brain seemed to catch up to what her body was doing. She pushed his hands off and stepped back from him. Her face was flushed.
"Sorry," Grant said, not meaning it.
"I have to go," she told him, then she turned and practically ran off. Grant let out a long stream of curse words, dropping into a nearby chair.
What were you thinking? he scolded himself. Get your head on straight. You can't sleep with your father's assistant. In his desire for Kate, he wasn't watching for Gus, and now the dog was missing. He cursed again and took out his phone to use as a flashlight and poked around the landscape, looking for the adventurous corgi.

Author Bio:
Alina is an architect by day, writer by night. Her favorite thing to do is curl up with a hot drink and a good book. She lives in a large Southern city in an old house with an old dog.
Alina Jacobs is a pen name.



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