Friday, December 23, 2016

Hidden Kitchen Nasties You Need To Know About

There's a sad truth in this world but it's one we have to acknowledge. Sometimes, people and companies will put their profit margin above all else - even if it endangers people.
The examples in popular culture are all too easy to see. A few making decisions that have massive impacts for the many. It's not a new thing, either - there will always be people with sociopathic tendencies who care little for what happens to the masses, so long as they are okay.
It's only natural that we want our homes to be safe. We want the walls to withstand winds and the materials we place within them to be fireproof. Safety is the bottom line for the consumer, but not always for the company producing the items we purchase.
An area in the home that is ripe for abuse is the kitchen. With so little time on our hands, we're all looking for solutions to make time easier. We need ways to make cooking the evening meal more convenient, turning it into an art - even when the kids are arguing and we're so exhausted we can barely stand. So we throw ourselves behind the wisdom of the manufacturers and hope they won't do us wrong.
Unfortunately, this leads to corners being cut in a continual race to the bottom. Your kitchen could be harboring items that you would never dream of selecting intentionally, but there they are anyway, hidden away and unknown - until they cause harm.
Cleaning Products - Do You Know What's In Yours?
Considering we use cleaning products on surfaces that we then use to prepare food, it's shocking that we're not more aware of what they contain.
In the quest to rid our homes of bacteria, we have allowed stronger and stronger chemicals to invade our personal space. What's the harm so long as it kills the bacteria? Well, the bacteria may be a lot less harmful than some of the most potent ingredients found in modern cleaning solutions.
Non-Stick Pots and Pans - Convenience, But At What Cost?
Non-stick cooking implements have made lives easier the world over. No more scraping food off the bottom of the pan, losing half the meal in the process! What could be better?
Nothing - except for the moment there's a problem with the seal of the non-stick coating.
Non-stick coatings tend to be made from plastic. As soon as they degrade and begin to peel (which can happen at a microscopic level; you won't necessarily know) then you could be in trouble. If the manufacturer didn't use quality components for the coating, you've got a problem. The best ceramic cookware reviews can elaborate on this problem and ensure you make the more positive choice in future.
Fragrance - Smells Nice, Bad For You
All products you use in your kitchen should be fragrance-free, from drawer liners to your dish soap. Fragrance is a catch-all term for any number of problematic chemical components, so opt for unfragranced or eco options to keep the worst of it at bay.

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