Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Phone Numbers Every Parent Needs In Their Cell Phone

It’s a scenario no parent wants to experience, but if something happens regarding your child’s health, then you need to be prepared. Having some emergency numbers already stored on your phone can make things much quicker, and in a crisis means you don’t have to search online and waste valuable minutes to get the information you need. Here are a few of the numbers that every parent should have stored on their phone, just in case.


The number of an emergency dentist for your child is crucial. An accident or injury knocking out a permanent tooth, for example, can be saved if it’s seen by a dentist within thirty minutes to an hour. When children can be so boisterous playing sports, running around in the playground and messing around with their friends it can be easily done. The last thing you want is for your child's second set of teeth to come through just for them to lose one! Alternatively, your child could roll out of bed in the night and knock a tooth, or experience serious dental pain which needs looking at immediately. So to save hassle and panic if a situation were to arise, have the number ready to go.

Out of Hours Doctor
If your child starts feeling unwell and it’s outside regular GP hours, you will need to call the emergency doctor. This is for times when you don’t think it’s serious enough to warrant a trip to casualty, but it’s bad enough not to be able to wait until the morning. An out of hours doctor can give you important medical advice and let you know whether the illness is ok to treat at home or if it’s more of an emergency. You always want to be on the safe side, but sometimes dragging an ill child down to accident and emergency is the worst thing for their health, if they don’t need immediate medical care. An out of hours doctor can help you to make that call.

Local Pharmacy
A pharmacy is another source of medical advice if it’s outside your regular GPs office hours. If you’re unsure if an illness is ok to treat at home or needs a visit to the doctor, a pharmacist can advise you. When a child feels unwell it can be a tough call, as many illnesses are so mild all they need is a couple of days of rest. But on the other hand, some quite serious illnesses start off mild and can quickly turn serious so getting medical advice as soon as possible is best. Having an expert on hand who can advise you on what is best is extremely helpful.

Reliable Taxi Firm
If you don’t drive, then this one is particularly important, but it’s worth having in your phone just in case. If your car is being repaired or you’re unable to get to it for any reason and an emergency arises, you’ll need a reliable taxi company. This is useful if you need to quickly get to the hospital, but it’s not severe enough to call an ambulance. For example, an accident causing a broken bone but which isn’t life threatening. Knowing you have a reliable company which will arrive quickly and get you to where you need to be can give you peace of mind.

Poison Control
A child’s body is very vulnerable to toxins. Even substances that aren’t dangerous to adults can be extremely so for children. So even if you keep all of your toxic household chemicals and medicines out of reach, there are still ways a child can get hold of things that are poisonous to them. Children may play in soil or standing water which could contain pesticides or industrial waste. They may pick or eat plants, berries or mushrooms. Plus they are less aware of how to protect themselves from risks, for example not putting their hands in their mouth. If you suspect your child could have come into poisonous substances, call poison control immediately. If they appear unwell or are displaying any symptoms, rush them to casualty right away.

It will take less than an hour to research these different numbers and store them into your phone. But if an emergency arises, it will shave off vital time allowing you to quickly access what you need. In a crisis, this could be the difference between life and death in some cases.

What numbers do you think every parent should have on their cell phone?

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