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Excerpt & Giveaway: A Girl Named Blue: The Adventure Begins by Cecilia Randell

A Girl Named Blue: The Adventure Begins
Cecilia Randell
(The Adventures of Blue Faust #1)
Publication date: July 15th 2017
Genres: Adventure, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Blue Faust considers herself an ordinary girl. A little shy, maybe, and a smidge isolated. But she’s got a plan for that, and a list.
When she and her mother move to a new city, she implements it. This will be The Year of New Things, and there will be adventures. Little does she know just how right she is.
While out hiking one day with new friends, she finds herself in a strange world. She is confronted with kidnappers, stubborn beast-mounts and killer crystals. Throw in an assortment of hooligans, mercenaries and clansmen, and Blue has all New she can handle.
New List:
Learn to ride a horse-like thing
Find friends
Stop kidnappers
Get home
Easy, right?
*** Please note that this is the first book in a slow burn reverse harem series, there are no sexy times till a few books down***
**Also, there is violence and some swearing, so, yeah.**

Mo’ata asked Mo’ran to take Blue and Forrest to the corrals, instructing him to help them acquire suitable mounts for the initial portion of the journey they would have to take to the capitol. If he was right about the man he’d seen, that meant the Ministry was involved, and they’d have to head to Tremmir. It also meant the corruption ran deep.
He wasn’t sure bringing Blue and the others was the right course of action. However, they would eventually need to be at the capitol to get home. Rarely did a natural portal take you right back to where, and when, you needed to go. And using them as a way to stir things up at the Ministry could be useful. He was also sure he wouldn’t be able to keep her out of trying to find her friends.
She had surprised him today. She was scared, he could see that, but she had remained relatively calm. Her acceptance of what she couldn’t change, while also looking for things that she could, indicated a maturity many her age didn’t possess. She also hadn’t asked about herself or her own safety, only displaying her concern for her missing friends. The two named Forrest and Derrick had also impressed him today, even with their little outburst at the beginning of their meeting.
Jason, on the other hand, was hiding something. He had become visibly disturbed once talk of the Order and Ministry began. While it was understandable—anyone would become upset with the idea of there being multiple unknown worlds out there, let alone having their friends kidnapped—he hadn’t reacted until the Order had been mentioned. Mo’ata would need to keep an eye on him.Mo’ata’s thoughts went again to Blue. She was a little thing, and he did like what she had done to her hair. There was a vitality about her that came through, despite her recent misadventures. He found himself wanting to know more about her. What was her life like on Earth? What were her interests? She was at the age where she would have picked a profession, most likely. What was it? He wanted to know the little things too. What was her favorite color? Was is blue, or was all of that just because of her name? What foods did she like? And what did she mean about that ‘list’?
He could also see he wasn’t the only one who saw what a rarity she was. The one named Forrest was already half in love with her. Jason, too, watched her when she was not paying any attention. Mo’ata could not tell what emotions Jason held for her, but whatever they were, they were strong.
Shaking these thoughts off, Mo’ata rose from his seat. There was much to be done. Mo’ata sighed, only slightly dreading the first task. He was going to have to talk to his mother.

Author Bio:
Cecilia Randell is the pseudonym for a lady author that has not quite worked up the courage to give you all her real name. She loves a good story, and often finds herself thinking “what if…”, so decided to put some of her ‘what ifs’ down in words for others to, hopefully, enjoy.


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