Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: #Bae by Cambria Hebert

#Bae (Hashtag, #7)
Cover Source:
Title: #Bae
Author: Cambria Hebert
Series: Hashtag Series #7
Version Reviewed: Finished, eBook
This book was gifted to me.

GoodReads Synopsis:
That’s what happens when you get married.
Turns out sparkly rings, cake and a fantastic wedding do not automatically grant you that, not even when it’s all you truly want.
I’m even starting to doubt the bottomless, unconditional love I share with the man I married will be enough.
I can’t have happily ever after, know why?
Because I can’t give Romeo what he truly wants. I’ve tried. So hard. I won’t be happy unless he is and something is missing. Someone.
Paparazzi are in my face. The flashing cameras and prying eyes are everywhere. My secret is getting harder to hide, and I know the second the scoop is dished the grip I have on the fraying rope of that happily ever after will snap right in my face.
In our face.
I can’t let that happen. No matter what.
Because with or without a happy ending, Romeo comes Before Anyone Else.
Oh, this book was a long time coming. I'm a huge fan of Cambria's so I've always been well aware of the constant barrage of questions that she has received this past year about whether or not Romeo and Rimmel would have a baby of their own, and whether or not we would get the lovely chance of reading it.

I'm so glad that we did.

I admit that I was a little turned off by the title of this book at first. I've just always really disliked the term "bae" but it was easy to get over, especially considering it worked for the story and it fit. Like most things, Cambria used it in a way that made it special.

I was shocked at how the book was going in the beginning. The characters touch on a pretty sensitive topic that tugs at a lot of heartstrings for a lot of people, me included. But at the same time, it was nice to read a story that was so real and raw. It wasn't a perfect little fairy tale for the couple, at least not in the beginning, and it made them even more relate-able and easy to fall in love with.

It took me forever to read this book, though I'm not exactly sure why. I just kept taking breaks from it but, as soon as I could, I would delve back into it. I'm not sure if it was the subject matter or just life in general (keeping with the theme, I'm pregnant too! Yay!) that kept me from sitting down and finishing it, but I'm glad that I finally got to.

Romeo and Rimmel's story is a beautiful one and, though I'm bummed that this will be the last book in the series, it wrapped up their story nicely and was well suited to the Hashtag family.

Overall, a great book that I absolutely loved.

Rating: 4 Stars.

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