Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Supermom! Easy Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy When You Are A Busy Mommy

When we are busy with the kids, our health gets put on the back burner. After all, there is little time to think about our health when we are changing a ton of nappies or taking our child to school! But taking care of your health is so important if you want to live a happy and healthy life. After all, you want to be around for your kids for as long as possible. Therefore, here are some easy ways to stay fit and healthy when you are a busy mommy.

Cut Back On Snacks
When we are busy with our child, we tend to snack throughout the day. After all, you might not have time to make a healthy breakfast when you are taking care of your kid. But then you tend to feel peckish, so you start snacking in the day. But the more unhealthy snacks such as crisps and chocolate you consume in the day, the more weight you are bound to put on! Therefore, you need to cut back on the snacks in your home. Make time to have three healthy and filling meals which will stop you from snacking. And if you are peckish while you are taking care of your kid, you should opt for a piece of fruit instead. That way, you can fill that hole without turning to high-sugar foods.

Get Fit While Playing With The Kids
A lot of us struggle to find time to exercise in the day. After all, we are so busy with our child that it goes to the back of our mind. And by the time they head to the land of nod, you are too cream crackered to start exercising. But you can aim to get fit while you are playing with your kid. For example, you could do some crunches while you are playing with your child’s Lego. Or you could get your child to do some yoga postures with you. After all, it will be a fun game for them to try and do the pose. Also, you should opt for physical activities to do with your child. It might be a game of football in the garden or even a bike ride around the block. Both of these will help to ensure you get fit while spending time with the kids! And it will assist in ensuring your child is getting enough exercise too.

Find Time To Attend Appointments
As you are busy looking after the kids, it can mean you have to cancel appointments. After all, you think you will organize it for a later date. However, for the sake of your health, you need to be attending appointments. Going to the doctors is so important if you think something is wrong. After all, they might spot something early which could save your life. So you should make sure you don’t delay going to the doctors. However, it can be hard to go in the day when you are busy with the kids. Therefore, ring your doctors and see if there are any appointments you could go to in the evening when your other half gets home. The same thing applies to the dentist. You need to go to appointments at least once a year to ensure your teeth stay in good condition. You can look on sites similar to 24hourdental.org to find a dentist you could go to first thing in the morning or in the evening! That way, your hubby can take care of your child while you get your pearly whites checked over!

Go To Bed Earlier To Get Some Sleep
It’s hard to get enough sleep when you are a busy mommy. After all, little ones can be up for half the night. And it means you don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep you need to stay healthy. Without a proper night’s rest, you might start experiencing higher blood pressure. And as well as this, it can lead to an increase of stress hormones in your body. So you might end up getting stressed out. And you can have reduced concentration skills which mean you might make mistakes with your child. Therefore, to ensure you get enough sleep, you need to make sure you head to bed early. That way, you can get some rest before your child wakes up in the night. And make sure you split the wake-up calls between you and your partner. That way, you won’t feel as exhausted the next day.

Don’t Skip Meals
When you are busy with your kid, we have a tendency to skip meals. After all, we just don’t have the time to prepare meals for ourselves. However, if you start skipping meals, you might feel light headed and faint. As well as this, it can lead to snacking and a bad mood. Therefore, you need to make time to consume meals. You might want to prepare your food at the same time as you make your kid’s dish. Or you could even make the meals the night before that you can consume the next day. That way, you and your child can eat meals together, and you will stay healthy.

Take Your Child Swimming
Little ones love to splash around in the pool. And it can make for a great day out for you and your child. But there are also health benefits for you if you take your kid swimming. For one thing, swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It can tone muscles and build up your strength. And it’s excellent for keeping your heart healthy. Also, swimming is relaxing so it can ease any stress you are feeling in your body. Therefore, take your child to the swimming pool for some water fun to keep fit!

Give Yourself Some Time Off
It’s so important as moms that we have time off. After all, it can help us relax and ease any stress we are feeling. So many women affect their mental health if they spent too much time inside with their kid. Therefore, if you want to stay fit and healthy, ask your partner to take care of your child for a couple of hours. You ought to go for a beauty treatment such as a back massage. And going for some beauty treatments will help you to feel like a yummy mummy too!

Exercise During Nap Times
One good time of the day to fit in some exercise is when your little one goes for a nap. After all, it gives you some time to fit in some quick stretches. Move into the next room and do some squats and crunches to help you lose weight. And if you are lucky enough to have a home gym, you could use equipment like a treadmill for 15 minutes to help you shift the pounds. And you can keep the baby monitor with you so that you are there once your child wakes up!

Go For A Jog When Hubby Gets Home
When your husband gets home from work, it’s an excellent time to get fit. After all, he can watch your little one while you head out for a jog around the block. Therefore, spare thirty minutes of your day to get some exercise into your life. You could even meet up with a fellow mummy to go for a jog around the area. You will feel much better once you return home after getting some exercise into your day!

And try and fit some meditation or yoga into your day. As it says on mylittlemoppet.com/, it’s perfect for moms as it helps to build mindfulness. That way, you are with your child, your complete focus is on them!

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