Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wondering Where To Go For Your Next Read? I Have You Covered

As a voracious reader, I have known what it’s like to be on the hunt for a new book. There are thousands upon thousands of choices and you don’t know where to begin. It’s a problem that readers have faced a thousand times in the past and we’ve all come up with a few ways to find that next read. Whether it becomes a brief fling or the next love of your life is entirely up to you, of course.

Hunting specific recommendations for you
When you’ve really enjoyed a book or even poring through the canon of an author, I know it can be tempting to stay in that niche. Thankfully, there are sites that can help you do that. Places like What Should I Read Next are all about finding that last book you read and helping you find recommendations from it. For example, if you liked Haruki Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicles, you will get some Paul Auster books recommended thanks to the shared elements of mystery and surrealism. I would personally recommend that any reader stray beyond the waters they’re already treading, but I know what it’s like to have a fixation.
Delve into unexplored territory
Talking about straying into new worlds, there are a lot of ways to do that. Of course, you don’t want to pick up something that’s more likely than not to be a waste of your time. Instead, look to the must read books lists on hobbyist sites or even booksellers. There will be a lot of names you recognize as well as those you don’t. There aren’t really any wrong answers. It’s just good to have a bit of a basis to make your choice from. Those who truly love books (books in general, not just a few authors) rarely give you a terrible book. You might not like it, yes, but you will at least have a new experience.
Let them come to you
Reading this site, you will have undoubtedly seen the books I’ve been reviewing. On some of those reviews, you might see a disclaimer that I received that book to review from the publisher or author. For those who consider reading their favorite hobby, even a passion, therein lies how you find your new books. By starting a blog and simply offering to review, you might start receiving all kinds of titles from all kinds of sources. Of course, you have to review them as well. But that process can only deepen your love of books and help you pinpoint just what exactly you like and don’t like about them. It’s an introspective practice as much as it is a guide for readers.
Whether you want to stick to things you like or you want to go for something bold, there are ways to make sure you get a good read. Even if you don’t personally enjoy it, it’s worth exploring your boundaries and trying things you’ve never tried before. That’s how you expand your consciousness which is one of the reasons we all read in the first place.

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