Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Allied Shirts: An Exciting New Program for Military Friends & Families!

The Allied Shirts team is excited to announce a brand new program for our military friends and families! 
You may remember the free welcome home banners brought to you by their parent company, BuildASign.com, or the huge military discount on canvas prints from their sister site, Easy Canvas Prints. After the amazing response they received from both initiatives, Allied Shirts thought it was time they joined in on the fun!

The new Allied Shirts program provides free custom t-shirts to make supporting our troops just that much easier. As with the free banners program, participants only cover the cost of shipping—Allied Shirts has the rest.

The website is super user-friendly, but their award-winning Customer Love Team is happy to help with any questions one may have along the way. If a family is interested in multiple shirts, the first tee is free and the remaining items receive 25% off!

Best of all, their budget white tees are fully customizable. You can encourage your friend or family member by name, call out a specific branch, and add any other personal twists. These shirts aren’t just for homecomings; wear them at military graduations, send-offs, and other special occasions to show a little extra love!

Head on over to www.alliedshirts.com/troops to get started!

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