Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Amazing Flower Birthday Candle

Hi guys! So today I have an awesome product to show you!  I'm sure you've seen videos those awesome candles that look like flowers and spin as their petals open up.  If you haven't, you've been missing out because they're super cute!

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As Described On Amazon:
  • The most amazing flower candle used to celebrate your friends, lovers and your family's birthday , promotion and so on.
  • The flower bud will surprisingly unfold to a blooming lotus flower when lit, and then the party will be spiced up by the "Wow"cheers.
  • This multifunctional birthday candles can rotate and play the "Happy Birthday to you" melody automatically. You can also cut off the copper wire to stop the music as you want.
  • This brand new candles are adopted with the newest techniques of remote electronic music, of safe fireworks squirt blossom flame in candles, and no candle drops. Safety, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic.
  • A long easy-to-light match stick and the wonderful birthday candle are included in the box.
Amazon Price: $5.99 (not prime eligible)
Avg. Customer Rating: 4 Stars


Shipping Packaging:

I will admit that I was a little taken aback by the packaging that this product arrived it.  It didn’t seem very “professional” as it was literally packaged in just Styrofoam and yellow packing tape.  I’m all for recycling and reusing packaging material and stuff so, after thinking about it, this isn’t too horrible.  I’ve just never received a product for review that has been wrapped so oddly.  I also have a natural aversion to Styrofoam so that makes it a little worse for me.

Product Packaging:
The packaging for this product was pretty average.  Just a cardboard box sealed with tape.  There wasn’t anything special or outstanding about it but it wasn’t bad either.  Looked like the packaging of a product of this nature that you’d pick up from any store.

Items Included:
In the kit you receive two items.  The candle decoration and an “incense stick” to light it with. Instructions are written on the packaging of the product.

The product is pretty cute.  It’s bright and colorful.  I admit that it looks kind of cheap and flimsy but it’s decent for it’s intended purpose.  I don’t think I’d want to stick anything heavy and hardcore on top of a birthday cake so this is actually a good thing.

Overall Review:
I actually really liked this product.  It was cute and fun to watch.  It wasn’t difficult to light or to figure out.  Everything was pretty straightforward and simple. I could easily see how kids would go nuts over this but I would recommend letting small children get very close to blow the candles out since there are so many and the device does rotate.

The music was not as loud as I expected it to be, which I enjoyed, because I was expecting some insanely loud ear piercing song.  It played softly however and accented the candle nicely.  I did end up clipping the wire to end the music  and it did take me a couple tries.  I assumed that you could cut it anywhere and the music would stop playing but for mine, this wasn’t the case.  I cut it in two or three different spots before the music stopped.
I continued to let the candle rotate and burn just to see how long it would take it to die out.  It rotated for at least ten full minutes before it eventually slowed to a stop.  I would advise you to blow out the candles before they burn down too low, however.  I let them burn to see if they would go out on their own once they hit the metal piece that was holding them into place but they didn’t.  They continued to burn and one even burned down through the thin plastic petal and fell off onto the cake. So I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on the candles if you’re going to be letting them burn for more than a couple of minutes.

I really enjoyed this product.  It was fun to watch and I think kids and adults alike would enjoy watching it.  I would honestly buy these again in the future for my daughter’s birthday or for family members.

NOTE: I received this item for free in exchange for and honest review.

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