Friday, September 25, 2015

Review: Home & Us Liquid Chalk Markers

Hey everyone! So today I am super happy to bring you guys a review on a really awesome product! I received a request to accept this product for free in exchange for an honest review and I knew I couldn't pass it up!  I have to give these Liquid Chalk Markers a try!

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As Described On Amazon:
  • Bring your labels and drawing to LIFE using these beautiful bright colored liquid chalk labels - 10 favourite colors, great for kids & your own use.
  • Easily Reusable - simply wipe with a damp cloth and rewrite.... it's completely dust free which makes every just Fun & Clean !
  • Reversible Tip - Makes it easy to do both - fine and bold work ! Pull the tip, switch it, and write....
  • Versatile for Many Uses - Creating christmas decorations? 4th of July? Halloween? Birthdays? Jam Jars? Bar / Restaurant chalkboard? - Endless, Colorful Fun now in Premium Quality !
Amazon Price: $17.36 (Prime Eligible)
Avg. Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Packaging: Not only did I receive the markers for review, but I also received a set of reusable chalkboard labels as well. They arrived together and were well packaged. As they were fulfilled through Amazon, they had the traditional Amazon packaging. Brown cardboard, well protected, easy to open.

I Received: Aside from the chalkboard labels, I received ten liquid chalk markers.  There are ten in this photo but the one outside the package came with the labels.  The tenth marker that came with the actual set didn't make it into the photo for some reason. So I received ten markers in ten different colors: green, black, purple, blue, orange, pink, white, brown, red, and yellow.

How To Use Them: So, you don't just bust these bad boys out and start writing with like a normal marker.  You do have to do a little bit of prep beforehand, but only the first time you use them. Here are the steps as listed on the markers: 
  1. First time use place marker tip up vertically
    Press tip slightly to release pressure.
  2. Shake well with cap on and up-right remove cap
  3. Press tip for a few seconds until tip fills with ink.
    Recap tightly after use and store in horizontal position.

Here's a little video I made showing how to prepare them.

As you can see, it's super easy to use these markers.  I absolutely love them.  They can be used on LED writing boards, glass or windows (mirrors too, apparently), blackboards and whiteboards. I love that they're so versatile because, not only can I use them for the chalkboard labels on my jars and stuff in the kitchen, but I could actually write directly on my glass jars with them or draw on the patio door with daughter during holidays.  I could even leave flirty little messages on the mirror for my husband when he gets up for work in the morning. ;) 
I have written on glass with them and they erase super easy.  I tested out a bit with my finger and it rubbed right off. The longer I let it sit and dry, the harder it was to removed but it was still pretty easy.  You could use a paper towel or a piece of fabric such as a washcloth.  To get your windows completely clean, you may want to follow up with  a little Windex or something but it really depends on how long you leave it on your windows. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this product and I give it two thumbs up.  It's something that I can definitely see myself and my family using in the future. I think I might actually go and start decorating my door with drawings of pumpkins and leaves! I mean, it is officially fall now. :)

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