Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: When Love Comes To Town by Tom Lennon

When Love Comes to Town
Cover Source:
Title: When Love Comes To Town
Author: Tom Lennon
Version Reviewed: ARC, eBook.
*This book was provided for free by the author for review.*

GoodReads Summary:
Meet Neil Byrne - try-scorer on the rugby field, prizewinning student, one of the in-crowd at the disco, regular guy, gay. Presenting one face to the world and burying his true feelings in fantasy, Neil tries to keep his secret.

(This review was originally written in 2013 but was not posted).

This book took me quite a while to finish. I did move and stuff while reading it but, honestly, it wasn't one that held my attention enough to where I didn't want to put it down. It was one of those that was just kind of "I could be reading, I could not be reading. No big deal."

Most of the time it was just kind of "meh" for me. I'm sure different people will see it differently but for me it was just kind of a boring read and I often found myself having to go back and reread parts of simply because I had lost interest.

I feel like it went way too slow in some parts and then all of a sudden it was zooming through parts that should been drawn out more and elaborated on more.  The end did throw me for a loop a little but overall I wouldn't read it again or recommend it to friends.

Rating: 2 Stars.

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