Thursday, April 28, 2016

Exploring Texas: Palo Duro Canyon!

My husband and I decided that, since we're in Texas, we're going to take advantage of it. There's so much here that we've never seen or ever had the chance to see so we're going to use his weekends off to their fullest extent. We already have a few outings planned (Cadillac Ranch, botanical gardens, weekend trip to Colorado, etc.) so we're excited to adventure out and see what Texas has to offer!

This past weekend got derailed a little because I ended up coming down with a cold on Friday afternoon. Instead of venturing out on Saturday morning like planned, we ended up hanging around the hotel room all day, only leaving to grab a couple groceries we forgot to get and getting our mega load of laundry done. Thankfully, as soon as I started feeling under the weather, my husband ran out and got some cold medicine and I spent all of Saturday morning in bed. That night we had a fend-for-yourself dinner and after the little one was asleep, my husband and I ate ice cream and binge watched Gilmore Girls.

By Sunday morning I was feeling a little more like myself. I wasn't 100% but definitely better. Instead of feeling like death, I only felt a little stuffed up and sneezy. No way was I going to let this random cold ruin our entire weekend, so I suggested we take a short trip to Cadillac Ranch. While Googling it up, I happened to see a link for Palo Duro Canyon, something that we would definitely be interested in seeing. So we decided to save Cadillac Ranch for a different day and head out to Palo Duro State Park instead.  Best decision ever. We naively thought that, at some point during our time here, we could take a weekend trip to see the Grand Canyon. But... it's almost ten hours away. So, yeah. That's not gonna happen.  lol. Palo Duro Canyon was super awesome though, so it'll do for now. :) 

Video of our adventure at the end of the post!

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