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Review: VicTsing 3-in-1 Easy-Use Camera Lens Kit for Smartphones

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I'm soo excited to be doing this review today!  I've wanted a set of lenses like this for my phone for quite a while, so of course I had to say yes when I received the review request!  Check out my review below!  Hope all of you lovelies are having an amazing day!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
As Described On Amazon:
  • VicTsing Brand Certificate (Registration No. 4426670): Top-Rated Consumer Electronics Accessories Brand for Daliy Life
  • 3-in-1: 180° Fish eye, Wide-angle, Macro Lens. High Quality: Made of upgraded high-class glass & top-grade Aluminum
  • Portable and detachable, easy to install, remove. Let your trip much easier with this lens, and you take high quality photo with your devices at any time(no harm to your phone)
  • Compatible with any devices; Fixed on short top case cover to convenient carry; Note: wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens are connected together
Amazon Price: $9.99 (Prime Eligible)
Avg. Customer Rating: 3.7 Stars

I opened the package before taking the photo. It didn't arrive this way.
Arrived in a simple bubble mailer. No damages, everything was intact and perfectly fine.

I Received: 
The items included in the box were two clips to attach the lenses to, three lenses (two are connected), two lense caps, one instructional pamphlet, and one microfiber storage bag that can also be used as a cleaning cloth for the lenses.

How To Use: 
The lenses were super simple and easy to use. I know in the other reviews on Amazon, some people were confused about the wide angle lens and the macro lens. These two lenses are attached and all you have to do is unscrew them from one another to use the macro lens. To use the wide angle, you simply leave them attached.

To use the lenses, all you have to do is screw your preferred lens onto one of the clips and then settle the clip over the camera on your phone or tablet. You can also use these on front facing cameras. After the clip and lenses are attached, simply take photos as you normally would. Make sure to remove the lens caps!
Using macro lense.
Macro photography has always been one of my favorite types of art so it's safe to say that it was my favorite lense.  I definitely had a lot of fun with this lens and I can't wait to use it more in the future.  I think it provided some beautiful photos, as you can see above.
Using fish-eye lens.
The fish-eye lens was also pretty neat though I can't see myself using it that often. Still pretty neat.  I, unfortunately, didn't get a good photo using the wide-angle lens.  We were planning on going on a whale tour after the Easter festivities but the weather decided to take a turn for the worse and we ended up not being able to go. I had intended to take some cool photos with the lenses while we were at the beach and out on the tour but it wasn't meant to be.

Overall, I really think this is an awesome little kit for someone wanting to experiment a little with smartphone photography. I think it's great quality for the super cheap price and I did brag about it to my friends and my husband.  I absolutely loved it and would have honestly bought it for myself had I not received it for review.

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