Friday, April 26, 2013

Nail Art: Dream Catchers

I saw the tutorial for this easy-to-do nail art design on MissJenFabulous' YouTube channel.  She made it look so easy so I knew that I had to try it out!  Mine obviously didn't turn out as well as hers did, not only because I consider myself a beginner but because she used the Sally Hansen nail art pens and I freehanded my lines with a nail art brush.  I'm horrible at lines, so mine are all wobbly.  I also decided to only do the dream catcher on one nail because I knew there would be no way I would have the patience and skill to do all of them.  My pink color is darker, which didn't show up very well, so I suggest using an almost coral-pink color like she did.

click the picture to enlarge

Don't forget to check out her full tutorial so you can learn how to do it on your own!

Polishes Used:
Revlon Moon Candy Moon Dust (200) (Just the black side)

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