Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

Overview:  This week has been pretty uneventful.  Same thing as normal, mostly.  I just can't believe how quickly the time is flying by!  Sometimes it feels so fast and then other times I want it to go faster.  I'm getting so excited for her to get here.  I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday where I'll be doing (yay! Not.) my glucose test as well as having my normal (last) four-week visit.  After this one, I'll be going bi-weekly, I believe.  I also started a prenatal workout (I know, I'm starting late, but better late than never!) and it kicked my butt.  I couldn't do the whole workout.  I stopped about half way through, but we'll give it another try.  :)

Cravings:  Orange Crush, mini chocolate donuts, Pizza Hut, macaroni and cheese, chocolate, fruit flavored ice cream (really any flavor), apple juice. 

Symptoms:  Tiny bit of nausea, but not too bad.  I found out that my cappuccino actually makes me nauseous, which is sad because I crave it more often than not.  Frequent urination still, sore nipples, back pain (been taking advantage of numerous bubble baths).  And heartburn.  Oh my gosh, the heartburn is freaking terrible.  I feel like I'm constantly popping the Tums.  I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night and then staying asleep once I do.

Movement:  She's actually been relatively lazy this week (like her mama).  I never felt her normal movements, which are pretty hard and active, again until Thursday.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Every night when we lay down in bed, my husband lays his cheek on my belly and tells her goodnight.  Wednesday night, for the first time ever, she kicked him in the face!  We were both quiet and still for a moment and then he's like "Did she just kick me?"  I couldn't help but laugh.  It was amazing.  Still haven't been able to get her movements on camera though.  =(  

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