Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 29

Overview:  Sorry I didn't update last week!  I'd be lying if I said I had a better reason than just sheer laziness.  :)  I had my glucose test done last week.  It was absolutely disgusting and I spent the entire first hour trying not to vomit and/or fall asleep (we were the second appointment of the morning.  So it was early).  I also had an ultrasound done to see if my placenta had shifted upwards (I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 18 weeks).  Thankfully everything is normal now and right where it's supposed to be.  The ultrasound tech said that she's right where she's supposed to be, growth/development-wise, and all her organs and everything look great.  We got to see her practice breathing which was really neat (and cute because she got the hiccups when she tried to practice her breathing).  She was being kind of stubborn though because she absolutely did not want to show her face.  She stayed turned away and buried her face into a spot where we couldn't get her on the ultrasound.  We did everything we could to get her to move and she refused.  (She had absolutely no problem showing off her lady bits though.  The UT even commented on it.  We're definitely having a girl.)  My next appointment is May 2.

Cravings:  Mac & cheese, fried chicken, cheese fries, Taco Bell, orange juice, chocolate cake, Earl Grey tea, funnel cake, and pizza.  (Seems like all my earlier fruit/veggie cravings have turned into junk food lately).

Symptoms:  There have been a few days where I've been completely beat.  Like, I am so exhausted and tired.  Still have trouble getting/staying asleep.  I've had quite a bit of lower back pain.  Heartburn hasn't been too bad this week.  No nausea (except during the glucose test).  And normally I wouldn't admit this part, but I want this pregnancy journey to be as truthful as possible because someone out there may be experiencing the same thing and be too embarrassed to speak out about it.  I now know what it means to have hemorrhoids.  I was hoping beyond hope that I would make it through this pregnancy without ever having them...but nope.  It's a first for me, so I'm not too happy about it.  Still no stretch marks though!

Movement:  It's so crazy how much she moves now!  Well, she may not be moving more, I might just be feeling her more now because she's getting so much bigger.  I feel her little nudges way up in my torso now and more frequently.  Brad (my husband, for those that aren't aware) has been able to feel her so much more now, which makes me happy.  Still trying to catch her movements on camera with no luck, however.

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