Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out With Old, In With...Cash!

*This is a sponsored post.

If you've never stepped into our home it would be hard for you to know that my husband and I have enough video games and DVDs to start up our own shop.  Friends and family that have visited us can testify to this.  We’re both insanely big on movies and before getting married we each had amassed our own stash.  After the two of us came together, our list of movies have skyrocketed.  I honestly could not begin to tell you all of the movies that we own.  We've been known to buy 5+ movies at one time (if our budget allows) because we randomly felt like having a movie night and hey! That movie looks good!  I heard good things about that one! Now that we have a child, I know that our collection is going to grow exponentially.

This is just what we've collected in the past few months.
And this is even with us watching Netflix/AmazonPrime all the time.

Somehow along the way we have acquired a stack of movies that we don’t want, that we never really wanted.  Movies that we never watch and don’t want to watch.  We even have duplicates.  I know for a fact that we own two identical copies of Pirates of The Caribbean 2; Dead Man’s Chest.

We don’t really live anywhere near a thrift store or a place of that sort that we could sell them at and family members are not eager to take them off of our hands.  I've looked for a while for a way to get rid of the DVD’s (and games, the husband likes to collect and then sell them back) that we no longer wanted and I’m happy to say that I've found a FREE and EASY online service to do so. is a simple website that is completely free and super simple and easy to figure out.  All you do is enter the bar code (or scan it) and then find out how much your stuff is worth!  You can do video games, CD's and DVDs.  I have a lot of CD's but most of those are old and scratched and I would not put those babies on anyone.

Honestly, I've tried selling my stuff on some online retailers before and it’s pretty complicated in my opinion.  So many hoops you have to jump through.  Not on here though.  You don’t even have to pay anything to send your stuff in because they have a free shipping service.  Sounds great to me.  That's even more money I can save.

I told my husband about Music Magpie and he was just excited as I was.  Our DVD stash is going to get a routine clearing out from now on and we’ll get to make some money while doing it!

*This is a sponsored post.

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