Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Her Wicked Sin by Sarah Ballance

Cover Source:
Title: Her Wicked Sin
Author: Sarah Ballance
Series: Sins of Salem #1
Version Reviewed: ARC, eBook

GoodReads Summary:
On a moonless night, he rides into the winter forest on his beast as black as midnight….
Dashing stranger, Henry Dunham, comes to Salem on a mysterious errand, but is thrown from his horse in the dead of night and rescued by the local Puritan midwife, Lydia Colson.
Haunted by her past, Lydia is running from her own dark secrets, avoiding intrusive questions by pretending her dead husband is simply…away. But when she and Henry are caught in a compromising situation, one punishable by Puritan law, he saves her from scandal by claiming to be her errant spouse…and claiming her bed.
Forced to fake a marriage, Lydia and Henry find their passion overwhelming and their vows a little too real. As their lies become truths, a witch hunt closes in on Lydia, threatening not only their burgeoning love, but her life.
I was really excited to read this book because I have a strange obsession with the Salem Village witch trials.  I'm not big on historical, but give me Salem and I'll gladly read it.

This book was so good!  I think it had enough of the horrible trials to show what life was like then without making them the center point of the story.  The characters are very easy to like and enjoyable to read.

The story itself is very interesting and kept you into it.  The relationship between the two characters is sensual and has twists that made me gasp.  The little twist towards the end caught me off guard completely, made sense and pissed me off all at the same time. I'm just glad it was resolved by the end because if I had had to wait for another book, I wouldn't have been able to stand it.

I would definitely recommend this book and would read it again in a heartbeat.

Favorite Character: Lydia
Ratin: 4 Stars.
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*This book was provided for free by the publishers for review.

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  1. Thanks so, so much for the amazing review! I'm absolutely delighted you enjoyed HER WICKED SIN. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! And I did enjoy it! A lot. :)