Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lush Cocktails: Mermaid Water

If you know me personally, you know that I absolutely love Lush.  I could bathe in Lush daily if I could afford it.
I definitely have to force myself to not buy their products.
I had been wanting to try out this "cocktail" since I first heard about it online. If it had anything to do with mermaids, I had to do it. So, here are the deets:

1/4 Sunny Side Bubble Bar (You can use more or less if you like, I'm just trying to make it last as long as possible.)

I did Big Blue first and then Sunny Side. 

I would put this at the bottom of the post but I plan on making these picture heavy. Overall, I freakin' LOVED Mermaid Water and definitely, definitely plan on making this a repeat bath. I swear this was the prettiest, best smelling, most relaxing bath I have ever had. The color was brilliant, the shimmer was beautiful, the smell was ahhhhmazing. Big Blue is officially my favorite bath bomb so far. And the seaweed. Oh, the seaweed. I've never felt more like a mermaid in my entire life. I loved the natural element of the seaweed in the bathwater. It felt so soft and smooth.  I loved it and didn't want it to end. (Little secret: I left Mermaid Water in my bathtub for like two hours because I wanted my mom to come over and look at it.)

On to the pictures!


  1. Pretty water! I love Lush! So I always avoid going there cos I will definitely spend my money there. Gonna try this cocktail once I get my hands on Lush soon!

    1. You definitely should! You won't regret it!