Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: Promise Not To Tell by Jennifer McMahon

Promise Not to Tell
Cover Source:
Title:  Promise Not To Tell
Author: Jennifer McMahon
Version Reviewed: Finished, Paperback
*I borrowed this book from a friend.*

GoodReads Summary:
Forty-one-year-old school nurse Kate Cypher has returned home to rural Vermont to care for her mother who's afflicted with Alzheimer's. On the night she arrives, a young girl is murdered—a horrific crime that eerily mirrors another from Kate's childhood. Three decades earlier, her dirt-poor friend Del—shunned and derided by classmates as "Potato Girl"—was brutally slain. Del's killer was never found, while the victim has since achieved immortality in local legends and ghost stories. Now, as this new murder investigation draws Kate irresistibly in, her past and present collide in terrifying, unexpected ways. Because nothing is quite what it seems . . . and the grim specters of her youth are far from forgotten.
More than just a murder mystery, Jennifer McMahon's extraordinary debut novel, Promise Not to Tell, is a story of friendship and family, devotion and betrayal—tautly written, deeply insightful, beautifully evocative, and utterly unforgettable.

When my previous boss let me borrow a stack of her books, Promise Not To Tell immediately caught my eye. After reading a couple of requested books, I finally got to crack it open.

As soon as I began reading it, I was stuck by The Potato Girl and her story. I love the way the author went back and forth so that we could see the real Del and then the ghostly version of her that, years later, scared the town with legends and ghost stories. The book had a whole web to it that had to be figured out as the story progressed and it was so interesting and very well written.

I loved how every character had their place, every person meant something to the story.

Definitely a good that I would read again, given the chance.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that hasn't read it.

Rating: 4 Stars.
Character: Del & Nicky.

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