Monday, November 2, 2015

30 Days of Thanks: Day Two

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30 Days of Thanks
Day Two: My Daughter
November 2, 2015
My beautiful daughter. I am so insanely thankful for her and I hope to spend the rest of her life showing her just how much.

My husband and I tried for so long to get pregnant and when it finally happened, it ended in heartbreak. Our first turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy and it had to  be terminated very early in the first trimester. We were extremely hurt by this. We were told that most women who continue to try will successfully conceive within the a year after an ectopic pregnancy.  This didn't happen for us and the longer it took, the more worried we became.

We wanted a little one so badly and we were so ecstatic when we found out that I was pregnant again. From the moment she was conceived, my dear Bella came with her own mountain of health concerns and did not make for an easy pregnancy.

We ended up being admitted into the hospital, going for weekly visits to Maternal Fetal Medicine, had to deal with severly low fluid and dehydration, gestational diabetes, complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, placenta previa, severe sickness, countless medicines, vitamins and needles and the list just goes on.

But this little girl was worth every single tear and every single moment of my dramatic pregnancy. She's two now and I love her more than anything in existence. I cannot wait to watch her grow and to find out what her future holds.

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