Friday, November 6, 2015

Book Spotlight: Holistic Medicine For Women's Health by Ronald Saciron

Title: Holistic Medicine For Women's Health
Author: Ronald Sauciron

A woman's body is a remarkably sophisticated copulation of organs capable of reproducing another human being in as little as nine months.
That sophisticated body, on occasion, has a propensity to be subjected to various degrees of malfunction, however.

The book Holistic Medicine For Women's Health is a book written by Sauciron, written in response to his efforts to save his terminally ill mother. It is based on extensive research into a multitude of health issues women face on a daily basis like Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis, to name just a few.

What makes things even more interesting is the fact that some of the other ailments covered, like high blood pressure and stroke, are issues that concern both men and women.

This book is a must read for all women and the men who love them.


Heart Attack
Heart attacks used to be a male problem but that's not the case anymore. Women are now having heart attacks at an increasing rate resulting in almost 50% of all heart attacks. That's right, the percentage of male and female heart attacks is now dead even. And to make matters even worse, 44% of women die within a year of their attacks. Only 27% of men die with a year of their attacks. If that doesn't get your attention, consider this. On a yearly basis, twice as many women die from heart attacks as die from all forms of cancer combined.
What Are The Signs Of A Possible Attack ?
Men and women have different warning signs of an impending heart attack. It's wise not to ignore any chest pain or discomfort but the common warning signs we have all heard about are basically signs men should observe. A recent study revealed some disturbing facts. It seems as if only 29% of female heart attack victims experienced the intense chest pains that are common in male heart attacks. Because of this, many women are unaware of the gravity of their condition and subsequently delay treatment. This decision all too often proves fatal.
What Signs Should A Woman Look For ?
By all means observe the symptoms men look for. But also become aware of the symptoms specific to a woman's situation. Your life may depend on it. The following are symptoms that can appear up to one month before an attack.
-Unusual fatigue that can't be explained.
-Anxiety accompanied by poor sleep patterns.
-Excessive weakness and dizziness (Attack Imminent).
-Shortness of breath with or without pain.
-Shortness of breath plus palpitations and cold sweats (Attack Imminent).
If You Experience One Or More Signs, What Should You Do ?
If you experience any of the signs mentioned above seek emergency help at once. While you are waiting for emergency help to arrive, observe the following:
If you are unable to verbally correspond with the 911 operator, make some sounds of distress like moans or groans. This will indicate to the 911 operator that this is not a prank call. Do not hang up after. That will allow the call to be traced.
If you were able to verbally correspond with the 911 operator, hang up after you have completed the conversation. Then immediately call a friend or relative who can get to your location quickly to render assistance if needed.
If you have nitroglycerin tablets, take one every five minutes, three maximum. If you have aspirin, take one and chew it. This can possibly prevent a blood clot.
Perform a coughing maneuver called Cough CPR which consists of continuous vigorous coughing. This could possibly prevent you from losing consciousness.
If a companion is with you, have them check your pulse and respiration at frequent intervals. If your breathing or pulse stops your companion should immediately perform CPR until breathing is restored or the ambulance arrives.
How To Become Heart Healthy And Avoid A heart Attack
One of the best ways to become heart healthy is to by improving your diet. The following are a few methods to assist you in your efforts to make your heart healthier and stronger.
If you have a juicer, drink some fresh fruit and vegetable juice from organic produce. If
you don't have a juicer try some commercial organic bottled juices. Also try to consume about 64 oz of steam distilled water per day.
Avoid sugar, salt, and anything produced from white flour. Refined sugars promote negative reactions in all of your body's cells.
Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, it has a negative effect on your heart. For a woman, excessive use is classified as anything over one drink a day.
The supplements Coenzyme Q10, Carnitine, Flax, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B complex are instrumental in the prevention of cardiac arrhythmia and heart attack. Carnitine protects the heart from damage due to poor circulation or partial blockage of the arteries. Taking the supplements DHA and EPA also help to reduce the risk of having a heart attack. They also reduce your chances of dying from a variety of ailments, including heart disease.
The heart muscle pumps blood to all areas of the body. It is comprised of four separate chambers, the right and left atria and the right and left ventricles. Between these four chambers are valves that allow blood to flow in a forward direction only. With each beat of the heart the right ventricle forces deoxygenated blood into the lungs and the left ventricle pumps oxygenated blood into the arteries for circulation throughout the body.
Your heart depends on oxygenated blood coming to it from the arteries around the heart (coronary arteries) for essential oxygen and nutrients. If the coronary arteries become constricted the heart will be deprived of much need oxygen resulting in a heart attack causing the death of cardiac tissue. When the blood supply to the heart is reduced or stopped, the heart is deprived of essential oxygen and if blood flow is not restored quickly (within minutes) portions of the heart deteriorate and die resulting in permanent damage to your heart.
Heart attacks have become a serious problem for women. A woman is 50% more likely to die from a heart attack than a man. Why? Because women are having heart attacks at older ages when their immune systems are less efficient due to the aging process. The chain reaction continues when her arteries are less able to adjust to the partial death of the heart muscle caused by the heart attack. Death is often the end result.
Heart attacks are directly related to a variety of other conditions like arteriosclerosis, circulatory problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disorders like Angina and Arrhythmia.
People with high blood pressure should avoid cold weather climates. The cold weather could possibly cause an increase in blood pressure putting the woman at a greater risk for a heart attack.
Many ailments have the symptoms that resemble a woman's heart attack symptoms such as a gallbladder attack or Fibromyalgia which causes chest pain. Even unexplained symptoms should be thoroughly checked. Remember some signs of an impending heart attack for a woman appear well in advance of the actual attack.

Author Bio:
Back in the 1990's my stepfather died, leaving my mother alone in their two story house. She had
fallen in the past and I was constantly worrying about her falling in the house alone. I asked her if she would like to move in with me and she gave me the typical mother answer. “No I don't want to be a burden”.

A few months later, we both came to the conclusion that she could not function efficiently without help. We were both totally against sending her to a nursing home, so I insisted she move in with me.

She had a few physical challenges like an arthritic knee and arthritic hip which required the use of a walker and in later years, a wheelchair. As time went on, she required more and more undivided personal care which I gladly provided. I was self employed and working out of my house so the upgrade in the intensity of care was not a problem.

One day she was late for breakfast so I went to her room to check on her. I found her in the bed struggling to sit upright and unable to speak. I picked her up, put her in my car and drove her to the hospital in twelve minutes using a route I had previously mapped out.

After waiting, for what seemed like an eternity, the ER doctor approached me and said. “Your mother has had a mini stroke but she has come through it remarkably well. She has exhibited no paralysis or speech impediments.

Several years later, however, she began to act strangely. She would get lost in our house and demand to be taken home when she was at home. So I decided to take her to a neurologist for evaluation. His results hit me like a truck load of bricks. Those mini strokes my mother suffered years earlier had caused brain damage resulting in a domino effect of brain cell deterioration.

I asked the doctor what could be done to stop the cell deterioration and his answer was
“nothing”. My mother had just received a death sentence from her doctor. He had given up on her condition but I was not going to.

Since mainstream medicine had given up on my mother I decided to look into the attributes of holistic medicine. I was not going to let my mother die without a fight. This is the person who took care of me when I was sick, she deserved the same from me. While caring for her her at home, I conducted research on holistic medicine. I would get a sitter for her then attend seminars, attend trade shows, and interview anyone who was willing to talk to me, taking extensive notes in the process.

I fought hard and long but I eventually lost the fight. I had started too late in her illness. The house suddenly seemed so empty and quiet. I became depressed and reclusive. I had fought so hard for so long and achieved nothing.

Then it came to me. Since I had a mountain of notes from all my research, why not transform that mountain into a book so others could benefit from my research. That inspired me to continue my research and continue writing. I'm sure you have heard the old adage “An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure”. Truer words have rarely been spoken. Preventing an ailment is quicker, less expensive, and less stressful than treating an ailment that has had time to anchor itself into your body. There is another adage that is less popular but just as important and it goes like this, “A High Quality Of Life Is More Important Than Life Itself”.