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Review: Magic Box Organic Tea - All 12 Shoti Maa Flavors

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Hi guys! So today I'm super excited to share a great product with you! I absolutely love tea so I when I received a request to review the Magic Box Organic Tea, I jumped at the chance!  Magic Box sent me a free box in exchange for an honest review and I couldn't wait to start tasting all these exciting flavors!

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As Described On Amazon:
  • Teabags without metal staple or glue
  • Divine herb & spice tea compositions
  • USDA & European certified organic
  • 12 tea bags per box
  • Contains a small 'inspiration card' for collecting or gifting.
We don't need fixing; we're not broken.
To live graceful lives in a wild world, we need comfort and balance. Then, our amazing systems can take care of the rest.
According to ancient wisdom, we have energy centers in the body called chakras - and 5 elements, life's symbolic building blocks.
Each of these varieties of tea is formulated to comfort our senses and balance our energy centers.
Amazon Price: $7.99 (Prime Eligible)
Avg. Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Shipping Packaging:
Simple bubble mailer.
Product Packaging:
Because this was a box shipped inside a flat bubble mailer, the tea box was completely flattened. For review purposes, it wasn’t that big of a deal because everything I needed to know about the product and packaging was still in tact. Wasn’t that big of a deal.
The box is really simple and has some beautiful quotes and graphics on it. There are informative texts describing each tea flavor and what it’s inspired by.
Each bag of tea is individually sealed in a separate little packet. One side of the packet has the English name and the reverse side has the german(?) name.
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I Am - Sage, Ginger & Elderflower
Starting with tea number one in the Chakra set.  This tea has sage, ginger and elderflower in it.  I’ve only had tea with one of these two ingredients, so I was quite delighted to try this one out. Plus, I can’t be the only one that gets excited at “elderflower”. It makes me think of Harry Potter. :)

This tea has a light, floral-y taste.  It reminds me quite a bit of chamomile, just maybe a little stronger. Very delicate and flowery.  I really enjoy this one and would gladly drink it again.

In The Mood - Hibiscus, Orange & Pepper
This tea is number two in the Chakra set and is very bright in color and scent. You can definitely tell that it has hibiscus in it because it shares the same bold color as other teas with the ingredient.  

I’ve never really liked hot citrus flavored teas, so I was kind of nervous about trying this one. I wanted to enjoy it but sadly, the taste matched up to all the rest. The tea itself is super flavorful and if you enjoy citrus tea blends, then you’ll probably enjoy this one.  It’s just not a flavor for me.

Sanctify - Ginger, Fennel & Cinnamon
This is the third tea in the Chakra set and it has a very traditional tea color to it. The scent of Sanctify is very robust and diverse.  It smells wonderful and I could actually separate the different notes of ginger, fennel and cinnamon. I think the fennel was a little more prominent than the other two, but you could definitely pick them out.

The taste of this tea was not bad at all.  The flavor kind of reminds me of the Yogi Daily Detox Tea just not as black licorice-ey. It’s definitely not my favorite but I could see myself drinking this every now and then. The only real complaint that I have is that I wish the cinnamon flavor was a little more pronounced.
Loving - Green Tea, Cinnamon & Earl Grey
This is the fourth tea in the Chakra set.
Ugh, I am so bummed about this tea.  Not because of it’s flavor or anything but because I didn’t get to try it! I was so excited about this one because it contained three of my favorite tea flavors and I couldn’t wait to try it. So I made a cup… and then my daughter woke up from a nap, mommy brain set it and life happened.  I ended up completely forgetting about it and somehow managed to leave it sitting there for like, a day and a half. And I wasn’t about to drink it after it had been sitting out for so long.  Bummmmed.

Talk To Me - Lavender, Licorice & Mint
This is the fifth tea in the Chakra Set and is your average brown-ish tea color. It smells very licorice-y and, I’ll be honest, I was nervous about it. Licorice is NOT a flavor that I care for so you’ll pretty much never find anything of that flavor in my kitchen.
I was also really nervous about these flavors. Lavender, licorice and mint are three very distinct, strong flavors. So it was hard for me to imagine how they could possibly mesh together… and mesh they did.
I didn’t care for this tea at all. I didn’t take anything remotely lavender-ish and between the licorice and mint, it was super strong and tasted like minty gum. I was not a fan and would never drink this again. Honestly, I didn’t get past one drink. I swallowed and immediately cleansed my palate with water. I disliked it that much.

Delighted - Ginger & Lemon
This tea is the sixth in the Chakra Set and is a yellow/orange color.  It smells very much like ginger with a tiny hint of lemon thrown into the mix.
I’m not sure if I let this one sit a little too long or if the ginger is really that hardcore.  Because the ginger was REALLY hardcore.  Like, not the flavor but the way it hit your tongue.  I don’t want to say that it was spicy but it was pretty strong.  This one wasn’t bad but I see my husband enjoying it more than myself.

Touch The Ground (Happy Landings) - Honeybush, Aniseed & Sage
This tea is the first in the Elements Set and represents Earth.  
Right away it does smell very earthy and it made me very curious about the taste.  I have absolutely no idea what honeybush or aniseed is so I had no clue what kind of flavors were going to be represented in this tea.
The taste isn’t actually that bad.  To be perfectly honest, it tasted a tiny bit soapy and like it had a hint of licorice to it.  I know that sounds super weird and gross (especially because I don’t like licorice) but it actually wasn’t bad.  I can’t say that I would ever go out in search of this tea to purchase but I wouldn’t turn it down if it were offered to me.

Emotional Detox (Feel free) - Sweet Hibiscus & Mint
This tea is the second in the Elements Set and represents Water.
This tea smells very much like hibiscus.  If you’ve ever had hibiscus tea before, you know the smell I’m talking about. If it has hibiscus in it, it pretty much all smells the same.  I don’t even get hints of mint in the scent (yes, of course I rhymed that on purpose. hehe).

Again, this tea has another flavor that I don’t care much for so I was a little nervous about.  I really want to love hibiscus teas, but every time I buy one, I regret it.  This one was no exception. Honestly, I think I’d rather drink the licorice tea. It had the tartness of the hibiscus but with an added minty-ness.  My face puckered as soon as it touched my tongue.  It’s official. I am NOT  hibiscus girl.

Purity Flame (Turn up the Heat) - Sweet Choco & Chilli
This tea is the third in the Elements Set and represents Fire.
So I will admit that this tea made me the most nervous out of this entire box. I do enjoy the occasional spicy food but, overall, I am NOT a spicy person. That is my husband.  I stay away from most things spicy and I was not looking forward to this one.  I was scared out of my mind to try it. In my world, spiciness and tea do not mix.

I will say, however, that I was pleasantly surprised. It did have a hint of spiciness to it but it wasn’t that bad.  I still wasn’t a fan of that slight heat but the flavor and taste were enjoyable.

Life on Wings (Lighter Than Air) - Fennel, Cardamom & Orange
This is the fifth tea in the Elements Set and represents Air.
I was very curious about the flavor of this tea. There wasn’t really anything in it that I didn’t like.  I’m not a huge fan of fennel seeds but not enough for it to make me nervous.

The scent was very strong as was the flavor.  Even a tiny sip hints you with an insane amount of flavor.  I was really surprised by how much this took over my taste buds. I couldn’t see myself purchasing this tea in the future but it wasn’t bad.

Joyful Silence (Holding the Space) - Apple & Lemon
This tea is number six in the Elements Set and represents Ether.
I was pretty excited about this tea because I love Apple and I love Lemon.  I wasn’t sure how the two would pair together for this tea but it was worth a try!
The tea was a little bitter.  I feel like the lemon totally overpowered the apple flavor but it wasn’t terrible.  I could honestly see myself drinking this tea in the future.  I would have to add a little sugar or something to counteract that lemon but it was pretty good.

Harmony (Balance all The Chakras) - Chai Classic
This tea I was excited to try because I really enjoy chai teas.  It has a really great, traditional chai scent to it and tastes really good.  I can definitely taste the spice in it but don’t mind it.  I think, out of all the teas I’ve tasted for this review, I could see myself drinking this one the most.

Overall, this was a great experience and I got the chance to try a bunch of tea flavors that I normally would never have tried on my own.  I deeply enjoyed do this and I can’t thank Magic Tea enough for sending me this awesome review product!

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