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Review: Decadence by Lissa Kasey

Decadence (Dominion, #0.2)
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Title: Decadence
Author: Lissa Kasey
Series: Dominion #0.2
Version Reviewed: Finished, eBook

GoodReads Summary:
For vampire Gabriel “Gabe” Santini, being in love with the only trained male witch in a female dominant society is not an easy thing. Seiran Rou has more issues than just a phobia of commitment. A recent rash of attacks and harassment at school has left him withdrawn and edgy.
Making a cake for his mother was never really about making Tanaka Rou happy, and Seiran wears his heart on his sleeve as he tries, yet again, to please her. But Gabe has an idea how to put a much needed smile on Sei’s sweet face. Starting with “helping” make the frosting and showing Sei that pastry can be more than a little decadent...
I actually liked this novella quite a bit. It was a great quick adult read. Very adult. I recommend that no one under the age of eighteen read it. I would have loved it if Decadence had been a full length novel because I found Sei's character very interesting.

My only complaint is that it was a "vampire" story. I use that term loosely because even though I love vampire fiction, this one didn't really seem vamp-ish. With the exception of vampire tendencies thrown in here and there, the vampire character could have just as easily been a human and didn't really seem like a "creature of the night".

Overall though, it was good. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm going to be reading everything I find from Lissa Kasy if it's possible.

Rating: 3 Stars.
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*This book was free on GoodReads (may no longer be available).


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